An Intro into Oh Chel
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An Intro Into OhChel

An Intro Into OhChel

Perhaps I should give a little more background information about why I have decided to build a blog. For me this is my journey into the unknown. I am at a crossroads of my life and currently deciding on which path that I want to travel.

Or, as Morpheus would say do I take the red pill or the blue pill and either wake up and pretend like nothing has ever happened, or do I stay and go further down the rabbit hole then I ever have before. (Yes, I pulled out a Matrix reference there. Hey man! Keanu is awesome and stuff.)

Where was I? Right! The purpose of this blog…

This blog is here to chart my course and to help me fulfill whatever choice it is that I decide to make. There will be tears, shenanigans, laughter, and most of all – wine and little snippets of geeky things. Here’s why:


An Intro into Oh Chel

Moving from the States to Canada

Last year I moved away from my family in the States to be with my husband here in Canada, Ontario to be exact, soooo I thought that this would be an easier read and will get me to get up and actually do something for a change. Insert quiet yay here. Yep, here’s the kicker. I am an introvert who deal with anxiety and depression; with a mixture of homesickness and joy… in other words I’m a big freaking mess.

I am going to use this blog to help sort out those messy feelings and turn it into something better; motivation or quotes so to speak as well as using this to sort out different tips and tricks that I figured out through exploring my photography as well as my little illustrations. Yes, it will be all over the place, but after all that is how you find yourself, no? You just dive in and hope for the best!

What I can promise to give to you, my readers / family is a glimpse into the life that I am leading here so it will come with rants, relationships advice and minor details, all things Bolt (my adorable pug / jack puppy), tom foolery, and of course… art / crafts / or as I like to call them… doodles! Oh yeah, with the help of some wine I’m giving myself full reign to tap into the creativeness that I had when I was younger.

You excited? I know that I am. That or gas… could be gas. Hmm… er… whateves.