10 Signs you're actually an adult (drats)
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10 Signs You’re Actually An Adult

What makes us an adult?

Over the years I never really felt like an actual adult. I notice when I was in need of some assistance I always looked to the older adult in the room versus actually handling it on my own. Yes, I have stated that I’m the perpetual child at heart and yes I do work with children but still could never really consider me an adult. Until now…Gasp!

Maybe it the fact that I have my own family or maybe it’s just how someone should feel when they reach 30 or higher. But, I’m an adult. Crap.

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10 Signs You’re actually an adult

  • You actually save money for important things. You know like winter tires, floor mats, or even dare I say it an oiling. Note: I have lived in America all my life and never once heard of Oiling a car… or maybe we never really took care of our cars for winter. Oiling is when people spray the bottom of the car with a sticky substance and coats the car so it does not collect salt and rust. Genius!! I know right?
  • You buy a car for practical use not because it looks nice. Recently over the summer, we purchased an electric plugin hybrid – the Volt by Chevy. It’s a cute and very peppy car that saves us a bundle on gas.
  • You need to go to work. Calling in sick is not something you can do just because you “don’t feel like it.” I know that I am big on saying I don’t want to work, but that’s usually because I have to get my butt up at 5:30 just to be at work at 6:30 am. Ps. I am NOT a morning person.

    Drinking becomes…

  • Coffee is your drug of choice. Being that I have to get up before the sun even pops it’s bright little head up I need something to keep me functioning until my brain wakes up. Enter in coffee. I think by now the people at Tim Horton’s know me by order and car.
  • Wine is your drink of choice at the end of your day. Usually, I don’t like to drink much on the weekdays, but some days it just calls for you to crack open a bottle or two. I still haven’t got the taste of beer, and some bitter wine is too much… kid at heart – sugar!! So, I like more of sweet taste or white wine.
    10 Signs you're actually an adult (drats)

    More signs that you might actually be an adult

  • You have a bedtime and you stick to it. Sleep is really your best friend, and when it’s almost your bedtime you actually enjoy your nightly routines. Brushing teeth, taking the dog out for one last time, and watching a show on Netflix are the perfect way to end the day.
  • You make dinner for yourself and your family. No, you don’t need to be ordering out from Chinese, Pizza place, or Taco Bell every night. Thought it would be a lot easier… Being an adult means you have to make a plan for what you will be eating… which means you need to make sure you go to the grocery store. Which brings me to…

Chores are a must…

  • You have to grocery shop. I used to love doing this with my father. I was always the one that would attempt to put in a few junk items in and he would always catch me. Now, I have to do this. This means more planning to make sure you have everything that you need for your meals for the week. Ugh. Usually Travis is a great help and always tags along so I’m not stuck doing this chore by myself.
  • You need to clean. Unfortunately, we do not have a cute little robot that will do all the dusting and vacuuming that needs to be done in the house. Nope, you have to do it. Usually, for Travis and me, we have split up the outside and inside chores. Meaning he does all the outside and I do most of the inside say for vacuuming. I haaaate to vacuum.
  • You have to pay all the bills. Yep, electric, gas, insurance, mortgage, and any credit card bills need to get paid off monthly. Yikes! This one is the worst. The older you get the more in debt it feels like you are, but perks are that you control how much you do or don’t spend. So you have to weigh the choices to make sure you’re getting the most for your money.
  • Yes, I know that I over counted but… I wanted to end on a positive note.  Being an adult is hard… You get to make all the decisions. Yay! Something happy for once. You want to jump on the bed or have breakfast for dinner… you go right on. It’s your house and your rules. Just make sure that your partner is okay with them.


What makes you feel like an adult?

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8 Tips to master writer's block
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8 Tips On How To Master Writer’s Block

8 Tips On How To Master Writer’s Block

Its set, everything is up. Your branding is done, the website is in order to your liking and now all you have to do is the content, the writing. It’s easy right? After all that’s why you bought a domain / service to write, but then it hits you… writer’s block.

Panic starts to arise as your heart starts to pound, beads of sweat drip off the lip of your mouth while you sit at the computer dumbstruck and yet in awe of the complete lack of preparations for the actual work. Cue the dramatic music, please.

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We’ve all had it; shoot I’m still living in it… the dreaded writer’s block. I have so many stories, random tips, and useless tidbits that are just bursting inside of me. The only problem is that I’m so full with excitement that I completely overwhelmed myself. Oops?
So here’s what I’m doing about it… getting rid of writer’s block via the Googles. Google has a lot of interesting sites that help you battle the writer’s block; I’m just recapping it and applying it to my own life.  I have the link below if you want to look at the uber cool webpage who came up with these ideas.  Cheers!

8 Tips to master writer's block

Step one

8 tips to master writer's block

Go for a walk! – Check!! A mere saunter around the block with my best pup, Bolt should do. Only thing is that it’s raining and he hates to get wet. Oh and my rain boots are muddy for the last time I took them out. Puddles are still my friend even at the ripe old age of 30-ish. Ah well, suck it up and put on those big girl pants and muster out into the world.

Step two

8 tips to master writer's block

Eliminate distractions. Put down the kitty videos and the YouTube, and stop checking your Instagram account. We all know that Bolt is a little cutie, but you have some writing to do. Double check! No, no, no… do not sneak peak at them on your phone either. Sigh.



Step three

8 tips to master writer's block

Play. WOO HOO! I can do that! I take the ball and toss the ball. Bolt runs to grab the ball and I hide. Repeat, repeat, repeat. Phew… now I’m tired and sweaty. Ugh. Solution to another problem, shower time. Bolt tends to hop into the shower just because he hates waiting on the bath mat. But, dog! You hate the rain, yet love the shower? Weird dog.




Step four

8 tips to master writer's block

Change your environment. I’m on it! Good thing that I’m on a swirly chair. Kick away from the desk and just start spinning. It’s a change of environment, right? Oh wrong thing… wrong thing. Stomach feels woozy now and my head is spinning so most likely not what they were talking about. Okay, I’ll hop over into the other room and er – not check my email, or Instagram. Gosh darn it… I just like looking at the pretty pictures.

Step five

8 Tips to master writer's block

Glass of wine. Okay, okay, this one is not in there, but I thought that I would add it for good measure. All writers love to kick back a bit and engage in a little social –or single drinking, could be juice, beer, coffee, or my personal favourite, –wine. Triple check on this one please. Maybe I’ll have more than one glass, or two, or twelve… you know just until it kicks in and I’ve falling into the hilariously funny stage. Or drunk, whatevs.

Step six

8 tips to master writer's block

Free write. –Which brings me down to this, because I’m really not looking for this to be a how – to version of getting rid of writer’s block. More along the lines of my attempt to rid myself from this vile beast. Away demons! Be gone! Did it work? Am I free? Gulp. Onto the next step.

Step seven

Read some inspiring quotes to get yourself started. Hmm, let’s see here what we have:

“Be ruthless about protecting writing days, i.e., do not cave into endless requests to have ‘essential’ and ‘long overdue’ meetings on those days,” – J.K. Rowling

My queen… you are right and yet I don’t have those meeting days. I have those must be a cat video, or lost in a sea of new on Netflix days, but I see what you mean here.

“You don’t write because you want to say something. You write because you have something to say.” -F. Scott Fitzgerald

Oh, Scotty… so true. If only I was able to get through your book though and not fake my way through English class reading the CliffsNotes version of “The Great Gatsby.” Sorry, boss.

“Just write every day of your life. Read intensely. Then see what happens. Most of my friends who are put on that diet have very pleasant careers.” – Ray Bradbury

I hate to say but I’ve never read any of your novels… shoot. Now I’m going to have to get them on my Kindle. I guess I could give that diet ago. It’s a lot do-able verses the current one that I’m starting. I miss you carbs! Sob.

“This is how you do it: You sit down at the keyboard and you put one word after another until its done. It’s that easy, and that hard.” – Neil Gaiman

Hm, I think Neil might be telling me something…

Step eight

8 tips to master writer's block

You don’t get over writers block by doing other activities; you get over it by writing. Triple shoot. Just when I thought I was ahead of the game here.

This post was inspired by 1. My attempting to get over my own writer’s block and 2. Because I saw this l list and thought that I could try it out in some random order. Did it work? Am I saved?


What are some steps that you use to get rid of writer’s block?

Meet Bolt

Bolt is a cute little Jack Russell / Pug cross puppy who is just over a year and change. Travis and I have been thankful enough to find him through our previous roommate, whose family had a litter of puppies to give away. And, when I say litter, I really mean just one. One puppy, whom we staked our claim on upon getting a cu~uuuuute picture via Facebook. Yep, it was smitten at first sight though one major thing here… Travis and I had NO idea how to raise a puppy.

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Meet Bolt

Meet Bolt

What do you do when you don’t know how to raise a puppy?

Bolt2To the Googles (seriously that’s my catch phrase)!  Yeah, that’s right… we did a major internet search on how to raise a puppy – especially one that had part Jack Russell in them.   Countless sites and time pouring over what to do, when to feed him, what to train him, now to take care of him, ect… And this was before we even got him.

Once he showed signs of being weaned off his mother he was ours! He was just this little cute ball of pudge!! Omg, I so wanted to snuggle him and never let him go. Then night hit…

Now for anyone who has had a baby or a puppy knows that you have to get up in the middle of the night. Granted, with a baby it’s a lot more than once, but still… coming from being able to sleep to having that sleep ripped from you to take a little dog outside was hard. Seriously, parents and soon to be parents I have to commend you, because I about died doing this.Bolt5

Well, luckily it was only for a few weeks, eight to be exact until we found through one of our many Googling adventures that we should only be doing that for the first two weeks. We carried this over for six more weeks then we should have – dang it! Ah well. The first year with Bolt was wonderful, say for the puppy accidents. Again, I state parents of toilet training kids I don’t know how you do that?!

Now, after a year and change he’s my second best friend. He surprisingly is mostly calm, gets eager when others come over, he has learned a lot of new tricks… currently we are working with him on how to balance food on himself. This one is tricky since he still is SO into food. I’ll keep working on it. Until then…


Few tips I’ve learned

  1. Reward the behaviour you want to see.  Always.
  2. Don’t fret over accidents in the house.  Get a good cleaner and disinfectant.
  3. Sometimes the treats can actually be their kibble.
  4. Get them to like their kennel- it’s a safe spot for them when they need it.
  5. Have water on every level.
  6. Play with them often.