March Intentions 2017
Monthly Goals
March Intentions 2017

I really cannot believe that February is coming to an end.  Well, no I guess I can believe it since it’s a shorter month.  28 days is all that we have to complete goals and though I hope many of you out there who are still doing goals or intentions every month I wish you well – although I feel like I tanked mine.  I kept saying that I’ll do them another day… and that became a few days later.

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I am keeping up with Angela (The Clutter Box Blog) wonderful terminology for using “INTENTIONS” instead of goals.  Seriously, check her out – she is amazing.

Well here we are:

For the blog February 2017:

  • Continue taking photos with camera – explore a new lens: I did do this, though only part way.  I did not explore a new lens.  I never got around to finding one to rent.
  • Buy a tripod for camera and research what new camera to buy: Didn’t do this.  We had other expenses that had to get paid first.  Sigh.  One day I will get a new tripod.
  • Post at least 3 times per week on Instagram: Sorta?  I did a few posts on Instagram, but nothing to the amount that I wanted.  I’m still toying with what I want my account to be like.
  • Share posts with other places besides Facebook and Twitter: Nope again.  I shared in only two places.  Facebook Groups and on my own Twitter.  I’ll figure out a posting schedule soon.
  • Extra: Get to 5k followers on Twitter – Currently at3,331  which means I only need 1,669 more to go.  It is a stretch, but I want to see how close I can get to it:  Actually I only got up 30 more followers.  I’ve been stuck on this number for a while now.  Ah well.  To be honest, I didn’t really try as hard as I thought I would.


For Personal February 2017:

  • No pop at all this month: Yeah – about that.  I just so happen to buy a 12 pack two days before my intentions went live.  Totally forgot about this goal until I was writing them on my board.  Oops?
  • Organize bedroom and create a wish list for the room: Ideally, it was going to be the guest bedroom, but I think I’m going to be leaving this for summer once I’m off of work so that I can spend all the time I want on it.  Or just not make it that high on my priorities.  I did create a wish list for EVERY single room.  I’m going to go through the house and solidify those wishes and perhaps create a post on them.  Or two.  It’s a long list.
  • Have4 dates with Travis. Plan one in secret (mix it up with alone and with friends):  I believe that I’ve met this goal.  We’ve gone out a bit with family and friends and a few times just ourselves.  It’s nice to plan those dates.  I look forward to them every week.
  • Meal prep for a whole week:   Fail.   Epic fail!  I planned but did not prep.  In fact, I lost some of my produce because of this.  Sigh.  I’ll get better at this.  I swear.
  • Extra: Do not order out once this month: Uh, we ordered out twice this month.  Which for us (lazy bums) that’s a big cut down.  We usually order out once a week. 



Okay, I’ll be honest the most that I was looking forward to this month was Family Day – paid day off of work where I don’t have to use vacation or sick time.  Seriously, they need to have more days off throughout the school year.  Or perhaps I need to stop getting sick?


I’ve been off and on battling a constant migraine again as well as vertigo for an added kick.  I even had to take two whole days off of work just to get myself back to feeling somewhat better.  Add the ever changing low moods and oodles amounts of anxiety – this month wasn’t as good for me as the last.  (It’s a downfall with battling with anxiety and depression.)  Couple this with work stress – I just ended up in survival mode.  My blog became something of a drag, even though I have a few posts that are ready – I couldn’t get myself up to actually take pictures.


February was a hard month in the mental health aspect, but that doesn’t mean that it has to end there.  I know that I will have those good days as well as some downright stuck in the mud hard days.  But, I will get through it.

March Intentions 2017

March Intentions 2017

For the Blog:

  • Continue to research cameras start to save up for new body and lens
  • Work on growing Twitter following
  • Build the lightbox
  • Devote one day to writing posts/ taking pictures/ updating social media

For Personal:

  • No pop at all this month
  • Slowly take me off of coffee
  • 4 dates with Travis & celebrate Travis birthday
  • Meal plan/prep for two whole days
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What do you have in store for March?


Fails at Adulting: Part 1
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Fails at Adulting Part One

So, over a year ago I wrote a cute little checklist of silly things that show that you’re an adult.  I thought that this would be a cute little series that I would start because let’s face is very few of us actually have our sh*t together.

Once a month I will be posting about one particular fail as I attempt to adult in life.  This will be an ongoing series and I don’t know when I will be ending it.  I hope that I can actually work with a few fellow bloggers so that they can share their fails and laugh about it.

After having a few weeks of setbacks, I wanted a pick me up post because I believe the best part about fails is that you actually learn.

I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work. – Thomas Edison

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Adulting fail #1: Cooking

I believe that I have joked about this on and off the blog – I stink at cooking.  Sometimes I can’t even cook turkey bacon properly.  Usually, I burn it and create a big thick smoke throughout the upper house that Travis has to open the windows.

Okay – If I’m honest I can cook okay.  If I put effort into it.  Let’s just call it what it is.  I’m lazy – especially when it comes to cooking.  I get frustrated with it more often than not and haphazardly put items together hoping that they will turn out somewhat eatable.

Sometimes, it works out – whereas other times the chicken is dry and stringy because I was too paranoid that I undercooked the chicken.

Fails at Adulting: Part 1

I know nothing about pans that are not non-stick pans

Like, I seriously am annoyed at this stupid pan because everything that I do still causes this pan to have food stuck to it.  Not to mention that I’ve burnt it far too many times.  Sigh.

Side-note: Upon writing this I realized that I have a vast amount of information at my fingertips (internet) and only now did it occur to me to LOOK IT UP.  Double sigh.  I am not always the brightest crayon in the box.

*Seems as though I have been using sprays instead of oils (hot oil) in my stainless steel pan.  Thus causing the food to stick – genius!

Pinterest is amazing, but you sometimes rage quit when your end product doesn’t look the same

Uh – yeah.  I’ve done this.  Actually, I just recently did this not too long ago.  Cooking an amazing meal, but found that I didn’t toothpicks for keeping the chicken intact.  Well, I opted not to run around the house looking for something that can be stuck through the chicken and placed it into the pan and hoped it would hold its form.  Uh – it didn’t.

Once I took it out of the oven the whole thing just flopped out of its shape.  I almost dropped the whole thing on the floor into the waiting mouth of Bolt.  Oops?

Well, upon looking at the deflated creation I got upset that I couldn’t construct a simplest of tasks and flopped it onto the stove and got outta dodge.  Total rage quit.

Measuring is for baking only

Yeah, I follow that rule more often than not – usually when it comes to spices to be added to dishes.  Perhaps that is the main reason that dishes sometimes come out hotter than usual.  Ah, what’s a bit of spice gonna do?

Maybe I should at least measure out the liquids going in?  Too many times my dishes have come out rather – liquidy.  If that is even a word – oh well, we are going to leave it as such.


I’m really not that bad as I make myself out to be.  No, I’m not Ree Drummond from the Pioneer Woman, but I don’t plan to be.

I’m working on using cooking as another self-care skill.  Perfecting the simplest of recipes as well as working on some that promote my Mexican heritage.  I hope that one day I can cook tamales as good as my Grandma.  For now, I’ll simply work hard on perfecting the taco.  Yep – baby steps.

What about you? What do you enjoy the most about cooking?

Things I've learned from my Father
Things I’ve learned from my Father

I know that I might not always understand my Father – well, to be honest, I don’t think I ever allowed myself to understand him growing up.  Okay, let’s be honest as a kid you really are a brat.  No matter how good you were – you still will be a brat.  Doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong, just that you need to grow up and learn to become an adult to see how truly amazing someone can be.

My Father and I didn’t see eye to eye a lot when I was growing up.  I was okay to handle as a child, but once I hit my teenage years – phew – LOOK OUT!

Yes, I was bitchy, emotional, all over the place and defiant.  (I know this now.)

My Father dealt with a lot.  Losing my mother giving birth to me, countless divorces and up and down swings of his own depression.

Once I was grown

I should say once I left my Father’s care we started to understand each other more.  Perhaps it’s the lack of constantly being in each other’s faces, but whatever the reason was – we simply started to talk more.  We both made mistakes and slowly over time we started to come to know each other for who we were now.

One thing that I started to understand was how strong my Father was.

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Things I’ve learned from my Father: He never passed up an opportunity for love

After my mother died you would think that he would shut down.  He never did.  He moved on and learned to love again and again.

Though he went through two other wives (and countless other women) – until he found B – he never quit at love.

He went through painful divorces that ranged from cheating to financially breaking him.  Not once did he believe that he wasn’t going to find love again.

He would get his heart broken or stomped on.  He’d get himself back up and put himself back out there into the dating game.

He never let the fear of a loss keep him down for a moment.  He was always sure that there was someone else out there for him – just like my mother was to him before.

Things I’ve learned from my Father:  Always have faith

I can’t even come close to understand this one.  Faith hasn’t been something that’s been inside me all the time.  I’m still unsure when it comes to faith, but this man never faltered.

He has been tested.  He has lost jobs, had countless heartaches (heck – I’m sure that I’ve caused a few gray hairs on that head of his) among many other things, but he has always stayed true to his beliefs.

This past year was hard for my family.  My Father lost his brother (my wonderful Uncle) and has even gone above and beyond and took on another role as caregiver to my Grandpa.

No matter what, my Father has stood strong and believed his faith would see him through.

I believe for me – my faith is in him.

Things I've learned from my Father

Things I’ve learned from my Father: Always have fun

I have so many stories about my Father.  Stories that always make me smile and laugh – sometimes laugh until I cry.

He’s been silly enough to buy goggles from the kid’s department and seriously thought that they were adult size.  He was mistaken.

My Father once shaved his beard clean off when I was little and scared me.  I refused to talk to him until he grew it back.

He even joked around a few times trying to teach me how to get a job.  He made this big story about getting a job is like a funnel.  You apply for 10 positions but only get 3 interviews and out of those interviews only get one job.  You know – a funnel.  Well, the best part was when he told me that he lost his job and I just looked at him without missing a beat and said: “You see – it’s like a funnel” – I don’t think I’ve ever heard him laugh so much.

Things I’ve learned from my Father: It was okay to cry

Perhaps in his older age, he has been more sentimental.  Or perhaps he has always been a big softy – I just never knew it.

We’ve talked a lot and sometimes yes – there were tears.

He’d get a card or a message from someone and he would tear up…

My best memory was him reading 60 memories from family and friends for his 60th birthday.  He read them all out of order and chuckled at each and every one.  He laughed at the funnel story that I just HAD to tell and cried at a few other personal stories that others enjoyed with him.

No matter what – he never was afraid to cry.

Things I’ve learned from my father: He will always be this kickass Father

We may not always see eye to eye.  But I know that he will always mean well.  He’s my Father – and that’s pretty special.

He has laughed at the time I made him spill chocolate milk while hitting a curb.  Granted at the time it wasn’t as funny as it is looking back.  Oops?

Overall he’s a pretty cool dad – I guess that most people would think that, but to me, he’s pretty kickass.

What are some things that you’ve learned while growing up?  It could be a parent or grown up, or could simply be things you learned along the ways.

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