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Fails at Adulting: Part 1
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Fails at Adulting Part One

So, over a year ago I wrote a cute little checklist of silly things that show that you’re an adult.  I thought that this would be a cute little series that I would start because let’s face is very few of us actually have our sh*t together.

Once a month I will be posting about one particular fail as I attempt to adult in life.  This will be an ongoing series and I don’t know when I will be ending it.  I hope that I can actually work with a few fellow bloggers so that they can share their fails and laugh about it.

After having a few weeks of setbacks, I wanted a pick me up post because I believe the best part about fails is that you actually learn.

I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work. – Thomas Edison

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Adulting fail #1: Cooking

I believe that I have joked about this on and off the blog – I stink at cooking.  Sometimes I can’t even cook turkey bacon properly.  Usually, I burn it and create a big thick smoke throughout the upper house that Travis has to open the windows.

Okay – If I’m honest I can cook okay.  If I put effort into it.  Let’s just call it what it is.  I’m lazy – especially when it comes to cooking.  I get frustrated with it more often than not and haphazardly put items together hoping that they will turn out somewhat eatable.

Sometimes, it works out – whereas other times the chicken is dry and stringy because I was too paranoid that I undercooked the chicken.

Fails at Adulting: Part 1

I know nothing about pans that are not non-stick pans

Like, I seriously am annoyed at this stupid pan because everything that I do still causes this pan to have food stuck to it.  Not to mention that I’ve burnt it far too many times.  Sigh.

Side-note: Upon writing this I realized that I have a vast amount of information at my fingertips (internet) and only now did it occur to me to LOOK IT UP.  Double sigh.  I am not always the brightest crayon in the box.

*Seems as though I have been using sprays instead of oils (hot oil) in my stainless steel pan.  Thus causing the food to stick – genius!

Pinterest is amazing, but you sometimes rage quit when your end product doesn’t look the same

Uh – yeah.  I’ve done this.  Actually, I just recently did this not too long ago.  Cooking an amazing meal, but found that I didn’t toothpicks for keeping the chicken intact.  Well, I opted not to run around the house looking for something that can be stuck through the chicken and placed it into the pan and hoped it would hold its form.  Uh – it didn’t.

Once I took it out of the oven the whole thing just flopped out of its shape.  I almost dropped the whole thing on the floor into the waiting mouth of Bolt.  Oops?

Well, upon looking at the deflated creation I got upset that I couldn’t construct a simplest of tasks and flopped it onto the stove and got outta dodge.  Total rage quit.

Measuring is for baking only

Yeah, I follow that rule more often than not – usually when it comes to spices to be added to dishes.  Perhaps that is the main reason that dishes sometimes come out hotter than usual.  Ah, what’s a bit of spice gonna do?

Maybe I should at least measure out the liquids going in?  Too many times my dishes have come out rather – liquidy.  If that is even a word – oh well, we are going to leave it as such.


I’m really not that bad as I make myself out to be.  No, I’m not Ree Drummond from the Pioneer Woman, but I don’t plan to be.

I’m working on using cooking as another self-care skill.  Perfecting the simplest of recipes as well as working on some that promote my Mexican heritage.  I hope that one day I can cook tamales as good as my Grandma.  For now, I’ll simply work hard on perfecting the taco.  Yep – baby steps.

What about you? What do you enjoy the most about cooking?

Why did I start blogging?
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Why did I start blogging?

A year and change ago I had an idea – I was going to create a blog.  Genius! I know.  Well, I was in an emotional state – in dire need of money and I’ve been watching various other blogs “make it big with money” so I thought … why not me?

A year and some change ago I decided to create a blog.  It was the best and sometimes the worst decision so far.  Now, don’t get me wrong – I love blogging.  But I feel like I have a lot of love/hate relationships with it.

I was naive to think that I could 1. Make any kind of money right off the back as well as 2. Find people who would simply enjoy my day to day rambles.

Plus off the fact was that I really had no focus nor niche as one would say.  I had an idea and I took that idea and ran towards the hills with it.

Why did I start blogging?
I’ve asked myself this question a lot.

I stumbled a lot

Originally I was going to produce a lot of Pinterest fails in cooking, DIY, and other things… but yeah that never happened.  I couldn’t find my camera as well as I didn’t have any extra money to spend on the startup costs.

Which, was okay because it gave me time to get my shit (so to speak – sorry for the language) and figure out just what I was going to be doing.

I’m not that funny (well besides my own mind) and I stink as a storyteller.  Plus off – I couldn’t find the battery for my camera.  So that option was out.

It just changed one day

Then out of the blue, there was a fluid like change.  It was gently turning the writing and giving it a focal point.  Started to write about my day to day experiences dealing with my own mental health.

I talked about going through anxiety – dealing with it as well as when I’ve had some bad days I’ve talked about those too.  I know I haven’t written much about my depression.  That’s a lone wolf that sometimes I’m too scared to poke at.

You see – depression (for me) has always just been there.  Just seeping under the surface of things and showing its ugly head when I’m already anxious.

Not many people talk about mental health

It still feels very much like a stigma at times.  We don’t talk about it – or show that we deal with it.  We all get anxious at times or feel sad.  But, there are those that constantly deal with those challenges and still rise above it.

I’m still scared to talk about some of my darkest days – the times that I was put in the hospital for self-injury or when I took too many pills with a whole bottle of vodka.  (I still to this day can’t handle vodka that well – too many bad memories.)

Why did I start blogging?
What could I do for others?

So, why did I start blogging?

In the end of it all, I wanted to find a voice.  I constantly deal with social anxiety – or general anxiety and because of that, I end up living a lot of my life in my head.  Blogging in a way was being used to find people who went through and are going through what I went through.

I think the most particular point is that I want to not be scared anymore – I want to share with you all my side.  I want someone to not look at me with pity because I still have the scars today.

No, I want my story to show and for people to be aware so that perhaps one day – they could save another who is going through what I went through.

I started blogging

To share with the world that mental health is important.  You shouldn’t look at someone who deals with Bi-polar, depression, anxiety, eating disorders or any other disorder out there like they are broken.

I’m not broken.  I never was – I just function on a different level than most people do.

It took me a while, but I think I’ve found my own way.  I’m happy and the depression only hits a quarter of as strong as it used to.

I’m not broken.  I deal with severe anxiety and depression, but that is not what makes me – me.

Why have you started blogging? Or if you don’t – why would you start?

We all need to find a voice - blogging for me has helped me become a better person. Click To Tweet
My 3 Pet Peeves
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My 3 pet peeves

I think I wanted to share with you guys as you will a post about venting.  I’m a firm believer that whatever you give to the world you get back.  Just, not when it comes to certain things in life – say like dealing with actual human beings.  See, hence the venting part.  So just sit back – pull up a chair along with a cup of coffee, tea – or something much, much stronger (*cough*wine*cough*) and read while I vent along.


  1. Dogs and their little noses constantly searching and EATING EVERYTHING that they can find. I love my dog.  I have post after post about how much I love my dog.  He’s my baby – my furry baby but still doesn’t take away from the point that he constantly is eating things that he shouldn’t be eating.  Tonight I had to take away 2 small pieces of paper, a ball of my hair (ugh) and even had to get him to move away from a rolling ball of an avocado half that I dropped while I wounded my hand.    I love him, but I don’t think that he’ll stop this anytime soon.
  2. People who can’t merge correctly. Travis KNOWS that I hate this with a bloody passion.  When I get on the highway there are always one, two or a billion cars that are riding the slow lane (the right side) and I can’t merge in as fluidly as I would like.  I either have to put the car in sports mode and gun it – hoping for the best, or let off the gas and squeeze myself behind those idiots.  Seriously, I get it that people want to go slower, but move over and let the people coming into traffic a chance to get one safely.
  3. People who cannot go the right speed on the highway. Okay, so since I’ve switched jobs I am closer than anyone I’ve known.  No joke – I can walk and get there in 15 minutes, maybe even 7 if I ran… but I don’t see myself running anytime soon.  I don’t have to go on the highway, but I do go on it when I’m with Travis.  It so irks me when people are constantly going 10+ UNDER the speed limit.  Geez, the minimum is set for a reason.  You – slowpoke are a danger to society.

My 3 Pet Peeves

I guess I could write more – or just sum 2 & 3 up into driving.  I’ve noticed that I’m more annoyed when other people are driving.  Good thing that I don’t need to do it as often or as long as my poor husband.

We all have our days when everything is annoying. Today, I talk about my pet peeves. Click To Tweet

What are your pet peeves?

Write them out in the comments below. Let’s work together to calm ourselves down and get over them faster.

My 3 Pet Peeves
I love my pup – just don’t like that he eats everything he finds. I don’t want him sick.