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What to do when a spouse is stressed out
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What to do when a spouse is stressed out

With the end of the year closing in fast and daylight dwindling going into the winter months, Travis and I have embarked on a very exciting and time-consuming adventure.  Stated in previous posts about moving, home renovations and what not – I’ve noticed a bit of a common factor in all of them – high levels of stress.

I’ve talked about myself a lot – dealing with anxiety has caused a lot of stress on myself, but what I haven’t really talked about is what it is doing for Travis.  My partner in crime, best friend, and the love of my life – what he has been dealing with and how I’m working to help him through this hectic period in our life.

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Travis is a private person – he doesn’t like stressing me out with things that he worries about.  (I don’t blame him for that mostly because of my anxiety has been high as of late so his stress will compound onto my stress.)

So that being said – it’s a rarity that Travis will express his own stress.  Usually, he will just go into his nothing box and forget about it for a bit.  I’ve linked a brilliant man who talks about the differences between men and women’s brains and it’s both highly informative as well as hilarious.

But, lately, it’s been getting harder and harder for him to forget about it.  Everything is compiling together and for the most part, he has been taking it on full.  (For my part I’ve been neglecting this because he hasn’t asked for help and I haven’t offered.)

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Breaking point

One night Travis came home dealing with his own panic attack.  Which, he doesn’t get very often.  I think he’s had a total of 5 tops in his lifetime.  So for him, it’s a big deal having an attack.  He gets home and he’s feeling overwhelmed by everything that has to get done.  Not only does he have to worry about the home renovations, but everything for the cars to be prepared for winter, ordering parts for the Volt, as well as finding out information about a new heater and AC unit.

To be honest, that’s a lot of work… let alone having one person taking care of it.  So I did the best that I could do to calm him down from this panic attack.  I suggested that we split the workload in two and we both get all thing items done.

For me, I knew right away what I can do to help – and what I can continue to do to help out so he doesn’t feel as overwhelmed as he has been.  We both needed to have that conversation to be on the same page and that’s okay.

What to do when a spouse is stressed out

What to do when your spouse is stressed out

  • Communication is key – talking it out sometimes will help out immensely.
  • Listening – also an important rule of them. They might just want to vent and not find a solution (at this point).
  • Comfort food – Beer and cheese sticks are always a winner if Trav is stressed. Sometimes it’s hungry related.
  • Work together – You’re in a union so working as one is also a big relief when your partner is needing support.
  • Massages – The simple act of loving them is helpful and touch is comforting.
  • Ask – if you don’t know what to do – just ask what you can do to help.

What other ways can you help out your partner when they are stressing out?



Celebrating our 2nd anniversary
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Celebrating our 2nd anniversary

Today, I am happy Travis and I are celebrating our 2nd anniversary.  This day two years ago we were frantically running around preparing for our wedding (I planned it in under 2 months) and making sure that everyone was where they needed to be.  Travis, his parents, and brother were all coming down from Canada – this was the first time that I met his brother, and as soon as I saw him I put him to work finishing the table decorations.  Lol.  He was a great sport helping out – even if we lost one balloon to the fan on the high 30+ feet ceiling.  Oh well.  It came down. Eventually.

Celebrating our 2nd anniversary

It was one of the many mishaps that happened that day.  I’ll tell you about my hair story some other time.  I’ve been thinking to myself what could I actually talk about in this post other than boast about how awesome Travis is to me.  I’ve talked about what I learned my first year of marriage.  (Keynote: Buy a big blanket.)  I’ve mentioned how I met Travis for the first time and how thankful I am that he supports me when I need it.

We really aren’t one for celebrating holidays, but we are trying to stick to more a traditional sense of gift giving – since our wedding was anything but traditional.  (We had about 20 people – tops.)

Celebrating our 2nd anniversary

Celebrating our 2nd anniversary

This year we followed the simple gift giving tradition.  For our 2nd anniversary it was: Cotton.  I found this year to be rather tough trying to find something that fit that theme – yet just shouted out something Travis would like.  I attempted to find something on Pinterest, but was not very successful.  I had such a blast last year planning his gift, yet was totally clueless as to what to get him…

I decided that I would get him a few things that he loves – a hoodie.  The man has like 24 billion of them (okay, okay more like 20, but that’s still a lot).  I found everything at Wal-Mart for cheap! Yay!!  Only exceeded my goal of $50 by er… $30.  Whateves, plus that included all the little things to wrap said gift.

This year for cotton – I got Travis two new graphic tees (100% cotton), a hoodie and a set of water guns (not cotton, I know).  I wish I took pictures, but I totally forgot to yesterday while I was wrapping said gift.  Oops.  You’ll have to check out my Instagram to see some of the pictures.

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What I learned my 2nd year of marriage

  • There is no such thing as a fight – only disagreements that end with a better understanding of your partner
  • Cooking mishaps will happen its all good unless it ends in a fire.  Fire bad.
  • Talking of bodily functions are sometimes a day to day conversation – it’s not weird at all (I think.)
  • Surprises are always a good thing.  Especially with NERF
  • Cute notes will always make anyone’s day better


Cheap ways to celebrate 2nd year of marriage

  • Candle lit dinner are the best
  • Eat dinner at home then go out for dessert at your favourite restaurant
  • Pillow forts and blankets
  • A walk around the neighborhood (just make sure it’s not raining)
  • Leave love notes in poetry books at a bookstore
  • Bring a blanket and go cloud watching
  • Smuggle a dinner into the movies (a twist on the dinner and a movie)
  • Write out a new set of wedding vows and say them to each other

What are your favourite ways to celebrate your anniversary?


And I’m still waiting for the rain to fall.
Pour real life down on me.
‘Cause I can’t hold on to anything this good enough.
Am I good enough for you to love me too?
So take care what you ask of me,
’cause I can’t say no.


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Celebrating Beerster instead of Easter

Celebrating Beerster instead of Easter

This is a new twist for a more adult version of Easter for those that really want to show their loved ones how much they enjoy them – why not celebrate it by hiding large quantities of alcohol throughout the house?


While scrolling through my Facebook feed Sunday afternoon and liking sooooo many pictures and status about how all my family and friends with their own families were celebrating – I saw my one friend Alicia showing off an image of her boyfriend, Doug’s “Beerster” haul.  I had to do a double take and read the status all over again.

Celebrating Beerster instead of Easter *image by Alicia.

Happy Easter everyone.   I know Doug woke up to find beer and candy hidden all around the house from Easter bunnies’ drunk uncle… the Beerster rabbit.


Thus the whole Beerster was born.  She took the time during the night to hide all assortments of beer throughout their home as well as some candy to sweeten the deal.  While asking her about it she went on stating that she made it as a sort of scavenger hunt for her boyfriend.  Including little notes like:

This is hidden where when we first moved in I found all the 20 year old porn


This is hidden in the thing we got for cheap from the guy we made the whole imaginary back story about


And I had to laugh, because this was a fantastic idea to create for your significant other.  Finding a holiday where a lot of kids enjoy and adding a little adult twist to it. (I’m not trying to demote the whole Jesus being crucified and rose back up three days later.  I’m just focusing on the more commercial holiday part.  If you believe in the story – great! If not – that’s okay too.)


I really thought that this was a silly holiday that could be spread because – who doesn’t enjoy having a great collection of craft beers and candy?  I know my husband would enjoy this.  What do you think?  Beerster for Easter?