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April Intentions 2017
Monthly Goals
April Intentions 2017

Well – damn.  I guess that’s all I really can say when I haven’t really been blogging much the last two months.  (Sorry for the swearing.)  Okay, if I’m truthful I swear like a sailor, but I feel that sometimes if I go too much people won’t take me seriously.  Ah – what was I saying before my swearing tangent?

Ah yes.  Another month down the drain so to speak.  Goodbye March and hello to April.  April – and all the good things it brings with springtime.

April – the month of rain, mud, less snow (hopefully) and the intent to bring out the so-called date car (Travis’ Camaro).  Hope it’s a good month.

So, let’s get to it – shall we?

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March Intentions 2017

For the Blog:

  • Continue to research cameras start to save up for new body and lens – I did some research, but I failed to save up some money for a new body & lens
  • Work on growing Twitter following – Yeah, I took about 2 weeks off and stopped my Twitter growth for this month.
  • Build the light box – Nope, that didn’t happen either.
  • Devote one day to writing posts/ taking pictures/ updating social media – Or this too.

For Personal:

  • No pop at all this month – Sometimes I feel like this is a waste of time putting this. But one day I will stop drinking pop.
  • Slowly take me off of coffee – I’m hoping that this next month I can stop drinking coffee completely.
  • 4 dates with Travis & celebrate Travis birthdaySomething I did do!   It was small – only our good friends came over.
  • Meal plan/prep for two whole days – Whole lotta nope on this one.


Travis took some time off of work and was home for 2 weeks helping me with household work.  It was nice to have a bit a break from doing most of the work inside the house.  I’m so very thankful that he is able and willing to help out even though he already does so much.  With my anxiety and depression running wild again this month it was easy to help out when I can, but not overly stress out about housework not getting done.


My anxiety and depression came back like a wildfire.  I was going to take a week off, but then that turned into almost 2 ½ weeks from blogging.  There I spent my time practicing self-care and attempting to be social with friends.

I had another heartache right after St Patrick’s Day – when my Grandpa passed away suddenly.  It was hard to hear and even harder to deal with not being there for my father.  After losing his little brother just 5 months ago and now Grandpa … to be honest – I worried for him.  Though, with technology today I was able to be there for the key moments and even saw Grandpa be laid to rest.


To be honest – I really felt like not doing anything this month.  March break took a lot out of me and now I know that I struggle working more than my easy split shift.  I am very thankful that we can afford for me to only work 25 hours per week so the stress level isn’t too high.

With my time off I was able to reflect on what I’m doing and where I’m slowly starting to take my blog.  It’s fantastic news because sometimes I feel like I’m just bumbling around in the dark – in life as well as my blog.


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April Intentions 2017

April Intentions 2017

For the Blog:

  • Keeping up with filling Buffer every week. Respond and reply to more comments on Twitter as well as work on placing all my followers into specific lists.
  • Build that flipping light box. I have the tools and materials – I just haven’t set it up.
  • Organize the items I have for my photo shoots. Use the label maker that Travis got me (Ps. FIND THE LABEL MAKER.)
  • Devote 1 day to write/take pictures & update social networks


For Personal:

  • Continue with 4 dates with Travis – celebrate our 3rd year of marriage in a special way
  • Meal plan for 1 full day. Start collecting coupons.
  • Buy a slow cooker or borrow from Mother-In-Law
  • Go to the farmer’s market for fresh vegetables


Though sometimes I feel like 4 things can be overwhelming, I am trying to work through this.  I will work towards completing my intentions set out each month – and sometimes things won’t get done.  I have to learn that it’s okay and not to stress over it.

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What are you most excited for in April?

March Intentions 2017
Monthly Goals
March Intentions 2017

I really cannot believe that February is coming to an end.  Well, no I guess I can believe it since it’s a shorter month.  28 days is all that we have to complete goals and though I hope many of you out there who are still doing goals or intentions every month I wish you well – although I feel like I tanked mine.  I kept saying that I’ll do them another day… and that became a few days later.

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I am keeping up with Angela (The Clutter Box Blog) wonderful terminology for using “INTENTIONS” instead of goals.  Seriously, check her out – she is amazing.

Well here we are:

For the blog February 2017:

  • Continue taking photos with camera – explore a new lens: I did do this, though only part way.  I did not explore a new lens.  I never got around to finding one to rent.
  • Buy a tripod for camera and research what new camera to buy: Didn’t do this.  We had other expenses that had to get paid first.  Sigh.  One day I will get a new tripod.
  • Post at least 3 times per week on Instagram: Sorta?  I did a few posts on Instagram, but nothing to the amount that I wanted.  I’m still toying with what I want my account to be like.
  • Share posts with other places besides Facebook and Twitter: Nope again.  I shared in only two places.  Facebook Groups and on my own Twitter.  I’ll figure out a posting schedule soon.
  • Extra: Get to 5k followers on Twitter – Currently at3,331  which means I only need 1,669 more to go.  It is a stretch, but I want to see how close I can get to it:  Actually I only got up 30 more followers.  I’ve been stuck on this number for a while now.  Ah well.  To be honest, I didn’t really try as hard as I thought I would.


For Personal February 2017:

  • No pop at all this month: Yeah – about that.  I just so happen to buy a 12 pack two days before my intentions went live.  Totally forgot about this goal until I was writing them on my board.  Oops?
  • Organize bedroom and create a wish list for the room: Ideally, it was going to be the guest bedroom, but I think I’m going to be leaving this for summer once I’m off of work so that I can spend all the time I want on it.  Or just not make it that high on my priorities.  I did create a wish list for EVERY single room.  I’m going to go through the house and solidify those wishes and perhaps create a post on them.  Or two.  It’s a long list.
  • Have4 dates with Travis. Plan one in secret (mix it up with alone and with friends):  I believe that I’ve met this goal.  We’ve gone out a bit with family and friends and a few times just ourselves.  It’s nice to plan those dates.  I look forward to them every week.
  • Meal prep for a whole week:   Fail.   Epic fail!  I planned but did not prep.  In fact, I lost some of my produce because of this.  Sigh.  I’ll get better at this.  I swear.
  • Extra: Do not order out once this month: Uh, we ordered out twice this month.  Which for us (lazy bums) that’s a big cut down.  We usually order out once a week. 



Okay, I’ll be honest the most that I was looking forward to this month was Family Day – paid day off of work where I don’t have to use vacation or sick time.  Seriously, they need to have more days off throughout the school year.  Or perhaps I need to stop getting sick?


I’ve been off and on battling a constant migraine again as well as vertigo for an added kick.  I even had to take two whole days off of work just to get myself back to feeling somewhat better.  Add the ever changing low moods and oodles amounts of anxiety – this month wasn’t as good for me as the last.  (It’s a downfall with battling with anxiety and depression.)  Couple this with work stress – I just ended up in survival mode.  My blog became something of a drag, even though I have a few posts that are ready – I couldn’t get myself up to actually take pictures.


February was a hard month in the mental health aspect, but that doesn’t mean that it has to end there.  I know that I will have those good days as well as some downright stuck in the mud hard days.  But, I will get through it.

March Intentions 2017

March Intentions 2017

For the Blog:

  • Continue to research cameras start to save up for new body and lens
  • Work on growing Twitter following
  • Build the lightbox
  • Devote one day to writing posts/ taking pictures/ updating social media

For Personal:

  • No pop at all this month
  • Slowly take me off of coffee
  • 4 dates with Travis & celebrate Travis birthday
  • Meal plan/prep for two whole days
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What do you have in store for March?


Monthly Goals
January Goals 2017

Goodbye, December and welcome the New Year.  Last month was the last one for Monthly Intentions, but that doesn’t mean that I’m going to stop writing down goals.  I think that overall adding goals on monthly bases is a great way to keep yourself on track with where you want to be.

I love creating lists, though I’m horrible at scratching them off.  Lists are always made and then forgotten about – so I think that I’m going to try something new this year.  Travis will be placing up a white board for me in the office and I’m purchasing Post-Its so that I can have visuals throughout the month/year to keep myself on track.

I talked a little about my struggle with depression and anxiety – even mentioned that I started a program to help out and came across a small book that just spoke volumes to me.  It talked about writing affirmations everywhere so that you can see them all the time.  I really want to implement these in my day to day life and remember to cheer on the small steps that I might take in life.

But, I feel like this is a whole other post to write about.

I guess you want to know how I did with my last list of intentions – and as much as I want to say I kicked some butt, I think that I really just put too much on me and overstressed myself out.  Hence why I took a break and worked on some self-care instead.

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January Goals 2017


I really worked on decorating the house this year.  Though we didn’t have as many lights as I would have wanted, it was a decent setup.  I’ve shown a few pictures on Snapchat (shameless promote) but overall have kept it rather simple.  I also am very happy that my office is finally set up in a way that is to my liking.  Even found a desk that I enjoy for $80 after Christmas.  Another round of depression hit me close to Christmas, but with help from the Dr.,house work I was given a simple dose of Vitamin D to help with it.  Which I have to say has worked wonderfully.  I kept up on mohouseworkfrom then until now (now I’m just being a bit lazy).


I had a lot planned out for December, and though I did about 10 posts, I’m still a little saddened that I failed to complete a whole month of blogging.  Perhaps in the summer I will try once more.  I had another relapse in my migraines and anxiety and spent a good portion of the month curled up in bed binge watching Law & Order SVU or the OA.

December Intentions

For the blog:

  • Continue editing images to new brand – Totally did NOT do this
  • Flush out more posts for late December and into January – Took time off blogging this month
  • Comment on at least 5 blogs per week – I tried, but didn’t happen every day.
  • Continue posting at least 2 images to InstagramNo posts this month. Oops. I’m still trying to figure out what I’m doing with Instagram
  • Finish 1st newsletter to be sent out on the first of January – Almost finished with my first newsletter. Hope to send it out this week.

For personal:

  • Completely finish spare bedroom – Yeah, kinda did this then Christmas Eve happened and everything got shoved back into the room
  • Put back together hall closet (workers tore it up getting to the attic) – Nope! Had no time to fix this, but we did put the office together the way we wanted.
  • 3 date nights with Travis I actually did this one! Yay for me!  We had a few nights out just ourselves and it was fantastic.
  • 2 nights / weekends out with friends – Had time to do things this month with a lot of our friends. It was wonderful to spend some time with them.


I really like the adding of highs and lows to my progress.  It feels more personal and a way to share items that weren’t really on your list for the month and to show how much one has progressed throughout the month.  Sometimes, we add goals that we think are ideal – and sometimes they turn out not to be what we need.

This month I want to do something a bit different – instead of setting up simple goals for January I want to create two major goals.    So here they are:

January Goals 2017

For the blog 2017:

  • Start working with brands
  • Take own pictures
  • Build a light box
  • Invest in new lens
  • Create and build own creative shop
  • Start a Twitter Chat for Mental Health
  • Finish updating pictures to match brand
  • Get 100 Bloglovin’ Followers
  • Have 10k Twitter followers
  • Get to 1.5k likes on Facebook


For personal in 2017:

  • Eat more healthier
  • Drink more water
  • Lose 40 pounds by end of year
  • Write little sayings every week on the mirror
  • Practice self-care
  • Save more for a vacation
  • No more pop
  • Less sugar intake
  • Start doing more Yoga
  • Encourage more

January Goals 2017

For the blog January:

  • Organize and sort photo prop items – make list of what to buy
  • Take at least 2 pictures for posts with own camera
  • Work on Instagram feed
  • Continue to use buffer for social media

For personal January:

  • Clean and organize the spare bedroom (again)
  • Keep kitchen clutter free and dishes cleaned
  • Continue to keep on top of house hold chores
  • 2 dates this month with Travis
  • Doing yoga at least 5 times this month

How are you doing? What are your goals or inspirations for this coming year?