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Favourite gifts I got for Christmas
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Favourite gifts I got from Christmas

Okay, so Christmas was a full month away – but it seems like I just can’t let go of this Christmas vibe.  I think this was the first year that I really attempted to make it as magical as it was when I was a child.  Even did a lot more decorating… (it’s all down now).

For real guys!  Last year it took me almost until April to get all my Christmas decorations down.  Seriously this is a major adulating win for me.

Where was I?

Oh right!

Travis’ brother (M) bought me –

A new book on my bookshelf as well as a super comfy (really warm and red) hat for my always cold head.  I’m very excited to be starting this book “John dies at the end,” and he even told me that there is a second book that he tried to get but it was sold out of the bookstore.

Favourite gifts I got for Christmas

I had requested that he get me one of his favourite books.  When I ask that of people I notice that I get books that I personally wouldn’t pick up myself.  I’m always an avid horror, sci-fi, or young adult reader.

It’s how I started a new series a few years back when my sister’s husband gave me “Dies the fire.”  I find it’s my own way to expand my collection of books and open up my mind more.  I really like attempting to figure out why a book means so much to the person.

Travis’ mom (J) bought me –

Favourite gifts I got for Christmas

A lovely set of brand new art supplies to paint and draw with.  This was something that was unexpected because I never mentioned once that I wanted to get back into art.  I just ended up unwrapping a lovely set of pencils, brushes, watercolours, and a painting pallet.  It was super cool.  I even have taken some time to doodle a little in it.

Travis bought me –

Favourite gifts I got for Christmas

A brand new graphing tablet to start my journey of creating art in the digital world.  I am amazed that he spent money on this – simply because we both agreed to a limit (which clearly neither of us followed).  He even went out and got the bigger graphic tablet so that I have more space to work with.  Currently, it is still in the original box simply because I don’t want to ruin it with dust.

I have, to be honest

I’m so thankful that I was spoiled by my family.  I know so many others who don’t have the luxury of getting nice or expensive items and I know that I will enjoy these for many years to come.

Favourite gifts I got for Christmas

What was your favourite gift from Christmas?  If you don’t have a favourite gift – what experience did you enjoy?

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Christmas wishlist for the nerdy bloggers

This post does have affiliate links. It’s not cost to you, but if you click and buy I may get a small percent. Thanks for the support and happy reading.

I’ve thought and I’ve thought about this list – and wanted something for a fellow blogger, but wanted to add a bit of a twist to it. Hence the idea for gift giving for the nerdy blogger in all of us as well as a few items that I’ve been wanting to spruce up my office.  *Hint hint Travis*

Here are my top picks for gift ideas for the nerdy blogger #thegirlgang Click To Tweet
A Christmas wishlist for the nerdy blogger

Christmas wishlist for the nerdy blogger

For the office

A desk chair – Blogging is sometimes very time consuming so sitting in a chair that isn’t comfortable stinks. I’ve picked out a few chairs that have the best quality for my little big ass –rump. Totally on my wish-list.

Rugs – I have hardwood flooring and in winter it causes my feet to get cold.  Having a nice fluffy rug would help prevent this.

Pop Vinyl figurines – Collecting Pop Funko Vinyl figurines is so awesome.  Did you know that you can get them on Amazon? So many different sets.  Here are a few that I would love to get.



A tablet – Sometimes a person just doesn’t want to be in front of a computer all day yet they have a billion things to do still.  Perfect time to break out that tablet and do some blog reading (and commenting – I so hate commenting on my mobile) as well as doing a little work in the comfort of your own bed.

A graphic tablet – If you’re an artist then Wacom has some perfect new graphing tablets for you.  They even have them matching to specific art programs in your area.  From photo editing, drawing, to comics.  It’s totally awesome and something I’m in dire need for.

New theme –  I love my themes, but sometimes just being able to change it up and have a fresher look is amazing.   Here are some amazing places to look for new themes.  I got mine on Etsy.

Creative Market : Pipdig : Etsy 

Camera lens – Taking your own pictures is key (something I’m still in the process of setting up) and though the base lens that came with my camera is good.  I am really looking for something for all everything.  A few lenses that work well is the medium format or wide angle lens.  Opting for a Lens Baby is something, not practice but rather fun to use.

Editing software / subscriptions – Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, GIMP, or even Canva are amazing to use and are a must for any blogger.  You want to create your own pictures and to do that you need editing software.

Lighting equipment – This goes along with the photo lens part.  You need good lighting to create high quality and aesthetic images.  Beauty bloggers and lifestyle bloggers swear by this.


Onesie – Okay, so I’ve been trying to justify buying a onesie for like… FOREVER.  But, come on – they are cute.  Think Geek has a few cute ones on sale. (1. 2.3.)

Cute socks – This is a must at all times (unless you can’t stand socks like me).  Winter = cold = frozen feet.  Socks = warm feet.  Genius! (1. 2. 3. 4.)

T-Shirts – So many T-shirts that I want.  Most are from Think Geek(see here), but a few are from Turtle Tee(see here).


Bags – Oodles and oodles of bags that are needed as a nerdy blogger.  Need enough for your technology as well as books or comics.

Captain Marvel purse, Kaylee – Inspired messenger bag, Stark Industries messenger bag, or a Walking Dead Daryl messenger bag

Winter accessories – These are a must in the winter climates.  Can’t go freezing, eh?

Unicorn poop scarf, this awesome Ewok scarf, Mass Effect snap infinity scarf, or Jayne’s famous hat from Firefly

Jewelry – I’m not one for jewelry, but that’s not to say that I don’t enjoy looking.  Check them out from Think Geek here.

When all else fails

Gift cards – They are your friend.  If you have NO idea what to get your fellow nerdy blogger then a gift card to their favourite store will be an awesome gift.  Try Creative Market, Think Geek, Michaels, Indigo, and Amazon.

Check out my wishlist below with the help with Polyvore.


Blogger Wish List


As a blogger what are you looking to get for Christmas?

2017 Monthly Subscription boxes you should get
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2017 subscription boxes you should get

Seriously, only one more month left in 2016 and I’m going to start it off with a repeat of one post that I made back in 2015.  My love for subscription boxes – for all those who don’t know what that is… it’s just a simple subscription for a product to come to your house every month or however often it is sent.

I wanted to share with you a few new ones that I have found out about and hope to try out sometime this coming year.  Most of these boxes will be talking about Canadian subscription services (I searched far for these) simply because there are a few that don’t cost an arm and a leg to get shipped up to Canada.  However, there will be some newer boxes that I’ve discovered that charge shipping to Canada.

Here are 18 cute little monthly subscription packages you should try in 2017. #monthlysubscription Click To Tweet
2017 Monthly Subscription boxes you should get


My Wine Canada – You can get 2 bottles shipped to you from various vineyards around Canada.  (Why pay that much when you can go to the LCBO? Simple: it means that you can try new wines from around the country without having to drive far.)  You can upgrade it and get 3 bottles if you want.  The bonus is shipping is free.

Barrel Box – Each month is themed so it should be interesting to see per month.  So far each box seems to have both a t-shirt or other cloth object and other merchandise.  No there isn’t any booze inside the box, but you can always get some at the local LCBO if you want.  (This really is a gift I’m considering buying for my brother in law.)

Canada Craft Club –It  comes with 2 large craft beers with one being a signature beer.

My Tea Box – Right now it comes at an extra 15% off. Sale ends soon.

Tea Sparrow – What I really like about them is that they have issued a return policy of 100%  once you get your first box – if you don’t like the tea.  They will refund you the money after you send it back and close your account.  I really like tea – don’t have a lot of it lately.  Should change that – hm.


Luxe Box – Free shipping Canada wide.  Awesome!  Though it is only sent out once every 3 months so that’s a bit of a downfall.

Top Box – Each box comes with 4-5 samples of beauty products in it.  Seriously this is the cheapest box I’ve seen so far for Canadians.

Games / Nerd / Book

Nerdy Book Worm Box – Omg. I’ve fallen in love with the packaging.  The aesthetics alone are beautiful.  I really, really, REALLY want this box (that or any book box to be honest) only thing with this box is that once they are gone – they are gone.  Only a select amount of boxes available and they are based out of the UK so it’s rather expensive.  Sigh.

Board Game Bento – This subscription sends a box with a few board games or card games in it.  Actually, I’m intrigued with this one.

Comic Bento – Just like the board game only for comic book lovers.   Awesome!

Marvel Collector Corps – A once every 2 months box set to a different theme in the Marvel universe.

My Geek Box – Oh my… this one is interesting.  Saw a YouTuber (forgot name – oop) opening up this box and it looked interesting.

Lifestyle or Food

Hello! Bliss Box – I’ve just come across this one and I really want to order some of these boxes for a few of my people back in the States.  They look so bright and cheery.

Loves it! – Lovely items from Newfoundland.  I’ve looked at these items and they look really cute.

Hello Fresh – It’s food sent to your house with cards on how to cook it!  Dude!  Totally don’t need to shop at the grocery store for this one.

Little Life Box – This one looks extra cute.  In this box, it comes with a mixture of lifestyle items as well as food.

Frock Box – Clothing.  Oooh la la.  Very nice clothing / jewelry picked out for the subscriber.  I’ve heard a lot of good things about this box.

Ellebox – Your period made easy.  They send out period products as well as you can get comfort items to help you with dealing with your period.  This looks really cute and something needed.


Do you have any subscription boxes?  If so what are your favourite?