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Life update 3.0
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Life update 3.0

So, I took a break.  I guess that the break ended up being longer than I had originally thought it was going to be.  But I think that in life one must be able to break away from the normal just to get back to the roots.  The last time that I had posted was talking about coming back from a low moodwhich ended up being April 5th.  It’s now mid – July and almost 3 months went by.  I feel like I am more refreshed now more than ever.

What have I been up to so far?

In April, Travis and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary.  Both not wanting to do anything too big, we ended up just going out to eat with a few friends and then later booking appointments for glasses.  Because, the 3rd-anniversary gift was either leather or glass – glasses – get it?

May and June really held nothing for me, other than the fact that my anxiety spiked heavy during these months.  I had too many episodes of tears, and crying during social events that Travis was seriously wondering about my mental health.

In May we took on another dog to add to our happy little family.  We spent a while looking for just the right fit and we found her in a Spanish Podenco – then called Snow.  She was a rescue all the way from Spain and had only been in the country for a few weeks.  (A post all about her will come at a later time.)  After a two week trail we decided that we were going to keep her – so we adopted and renamed her Lady, because of how dainty she is at times.

Through June was a bit hard for me this year.  Couple the stress of getting the school year finished in once piece, the fact that it was rolling into my birthday was a bit tough.  I talked briefly about this in my post: Living without a Mother.  Couple the fact that I haven’t seen my family for a little over two years, I was just sad…  Yes, even dealing with around about tide of both anxiety and depression.  I spent far too many hours wasted away in gaming and pushing my feelings down.

Life update 3.0

What’s been happening in July

I’m pleased to say that I got to spend a few days down in the States last week.  I enjoyed seeing my siblings and my father tremendously.  I even got to pick up my nephew from his school.  It was amazing to do that because he was super excited to see me.

I spent a lot of time with my brother and my younger sister – whom I haven’t seen since I moved to Canada – 3 years ago.  Though the gathering was to remember our Grandfather, it was still nice to see them all.

What can you expect from Oh Chel?

I am back from my break and hope to have more content for you in the coming weeks.  I’m slowly going to start back up with my blog, complete with a fresh new coat of paint – as well as slowly starting to integrate my social media again.

I have Twitter chats planned, new posts are written, special segments that will be going monthly as well as fixing up the layout a bit.


What’s been going on with you?


I’m 33 years old and I might not have kids 1
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I’m 33 years old and I might not have kids.

There comes a time in someone’s life where they are at an impasse of sorts.  We all have them for different reasons – to take the job, or not.  Marry or not.  Or for me – kids or not?

Now, in this day in age that’s not something that you find all the time, but it isn’t as uncommon as it would have been 50 years ago.  In this day in age people are getting together late – starting late – or just not starting their own family.  (Which is okay for anyone.  Taking the same typical path isn’t meant for everyone.)

But, now I face a bit of a challenge.  Do I venture into the no man’s land of starting a family or do I wait and see if it happens?  Planning for it or not?

I’m 33 years old and I want to do so much more than just sit down and pop out a baby.  However, I’m scared to go any higher in age because of what happened to my mother.  Choices… choices… choices.

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I’m 33 years old and I might not have kids 1

33 Years old and I might not have kids

I feel like Neo and wanting so much to go down that rabbit hole and seeing how far it goes or taking the other pill and just waking up to everything being a bad dream.

I’m 33 years old and I might not have kids.

Sorry – I got side tracked for a moment and once I talked about Neo I had to find the gif to go along with it.  Yep, it’s what I do.

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Surviving the ice storm March 2016

Seriously?! I thought that this was supposed to be spring?! Geez. Okay, okay… you’re probably wondering why my panties are in a bunch – well, I’m going to tell you. Ontario or portions of Ontario were hit on Thursday with a decent size ice storm. The last ice storm that hit was three years ago near Christmas and I was pissed then too. But that’s because I was waiting at the airport in Chicago for over 13 hours just to be told that my flights were delayed until the morning… maybe. I was supposed to have 12 days off during Christmas break to spend it with Travis and I was not too happy about being stuck in a smelly airport waiting to be let down again. Money wasted and a hotel room at half off was given before I was able to leave the airport and rest.


That was then – and this is now. I’m not waiting at the airport (thankfully) to see Travis, but it was annoying when all I wanted to do was watch Netflix and chill… perhaps watch the 100. (Shh. This is a no judging zone.) But instead we got lights flickering and then poof! The power goes out. Not all that interesting because it reset itself courtesy of the hydro workers for another 30 minutes and then it goes out – for the rest of the night. Usually I wouldn’t be in a panic, but with the sump pump slowly fading while trying desperately hard to keep up with the intake of water was a bit nerve wracking. We either deal with the bitter cold that will become the house in a few hours or deal with the fact that all of our stuff in the basement was going to get ruined if that sump pump stops working. Thankfully, Travis the quick thinker as already prepared for such events… took it upon himself to set up our handy dandy generator. Well, he attempted to until he realized that there was no gas to put in said generator. (Ooops.)


He attached a backup battery to the sump pump and made his way outside into the slick and very wet driveway in hopes to find one working gas station. About 30 minutes later he came back with gas in hand and tells me how chaotic it is outside. There were tree limbs in power lines, lines or transformers sparking all over the place. Shoot, there where major amounts of water flooding the streets and down trees all over as well as massive lineups at the gas stations. Many people looking to fill up their containers and generators. (See we in Canada don’t mess around, y0.)

Well – fast forward to near morning when I come downstairs to see my husband passed out on the couch after he lugged the generator outside in our back yard then hooked it up to the kitchen so that we could power the refrigerator, sump pump, and charge his phone. Yep! He had that all listed as importance. (Pfft.) Roughly about 5 am the power finally flickered on and we were good to pack everything in and finally go to bed. Actually, I got a lot more sleep than he did, but who is counting?


Ice storm 2016

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We thought our night of power was over because the day after this Travis goes into work to help out with the rest of the minor jobs that still needed help. Over 18,000 people were without power from Thursday night to Friday afternoon and by the time Saturday rolled around that number was greatly reduced to about 500 people without power. Not bad since the last time it took the hydro company a few weeks to get EVERYONE back on the grid. But then they had over 500,000 people out in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA.) Ahem. What was I talking about? Oh! Right!! Saturday!!!

So Saturday comes and I’m about ready to finally sit down and blog (not that anyone is counting.) only when I finally boot everything up – POOF! The power turns off… again. Sigh. Welp, me being me I do what I usually do. Complain to Travis that the power is off, which he was completely unaware that there was anything wrong on this side of the city. So it was cool that I was able to tell him of a problem and have his team come fix within four hours’ time.

Reason for the power out was it turns out that the ice melting from the top 44,000 volt made a complete circuit with the 4,000 volt line and completely fried the lines and insulators. Throughout our whole block everyone was without power well after ours came back on. You see once that hit many breakers blew and had to be restarted – for some reason ours didn’t. Travis thought it was because we were on the tail end of that surge, but while we were attempting to charge our awesome Volt – the charging station wasn’t working. Turns out we weren’t lucky… it just blew our homemade charging station. Crap.


Ice storm 2016 #icestorm #canadaeh #ontario

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I felt bad for Travis, because not only did he have to problem shoot from work how to get more people’s power on, but he took the time to go down our block to check and make sure that everyone’s breakers were okay and turned on power to eight additional houses. (What a good man.) Yeah, I have never been more proud of my husband than I was with his quick thinking and handy know how to get our house up and running with little to no time.

Though, just today he took the circuit out from our poor charging unit and POOF went the power – AGAIN. Oh, my husband.

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