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What to bring to the dog park
What to bring to the dog park

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If you’re like me – then pets happen to be super important in your life. For those that are just tuning in now – I was a major cat-person this is until I got my puppy, Bolt. He might be a terror sometimes, but I can’t live without him now.

One of the important things to do for your dog is to make sure that they get enough exercise – plus it’s a great way to get you out and moving as well. So – win / win?

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what to bring to the dog park

Getting exercise is key, but there are a few ways that you can do it for your pups. You could take a nice walk around the community, play catch in an open field, or what I will be talking about today you can take your pup to the dog park.

Keep in mind that pending on the size of your dog will determine what dog park to go to. If you have a small dog finding a park that is for small breeds only is best. Mixing large breeds with small can be hard – some large dogs just don’t like smaller dogs and we don’t want little Fido to get hurt.

Also it’s a good idea to make sure that you’re fairly near your dog at all times while at the dog park. Just because you’ve trained your pouch not to nip doesn’t mean that the next person has. As well as the dogs need to be up to date on all their shots and have a nice personality. You are socializing them – and no one likes a jerk… not even the four legged kind.

What to bring to the dog park

  • When we are all hot we need water to help cool us down. Make sure that you have room temperature water (in bottles or a glass jug) to help cool down Lassie.
  • Doggy bags. Always important to keep a whole slew of them just in case someone else may need one or if Fido has left a few presents – twice.
  • The correct leash or harness for your dog. Trav and I have looked forever trying to find a harness that won’t cause Bolt to pull or choke. He just didn’t seem to get the fact that once the leash stopped so should he. We’ve tried EVERYTHING and found that a simple collar and a retractable leash was the best fit for him. That way he can go off and explore when needed, but once he reached the end he stopped and came back (partly).
  • Depending on if it’s been rainy the day before and the land is still wet it might be a good idea to have an old blanket in the back of the car just in case Pooch gets messy.
  • Dog treats. After a long day at the park it’s nice to have a little reward waiting in the car – plus it’s an excellent incentive to get them to go back home.
  • Extra shoes and a change of clothes for you. Seriously – you never know what is going to happen at the dog park. You could trip and fall down into the lake for all we know. (I’ve done it.) So nothing is out of reach.
  • Dog collars and ID tags clear and presented at all times. You want nothing to happen to little fur baby, but just in case something does – like a loud noise spooks him and he goes running off… you want to be sure that EVERYONE who could find him knows his name and who to contact to get him back.
  • Balls or other toys. The whole point to get them to the dog park is to have them run around. What better way to do this than to bring a ball (or two) to the dog park.

I know it might seem a lot – but you want to take care of your pup and give them all the love and care that they deserve.   Good luck and have a wonderful time at the dog park. Be sure to send me some pictures of you and your pet enjoying life at your own dog park.


Have I missed any? What items do you like to bring to the dog park?

How to avoid a flea and tick summer
How to avoid a flea and tick summer

It’s the perfect weather.  The sun is not too hot nor is the wind blowing too harsh.  A cold drink in one hand, and a book in the other while you curl up in your favourite spot on the porch.  The dog is enjoying their time outside while you just relax and take up space for a while.  There is nothing quite like taking a little me time in the hot days of summer, but there is one thing that we always forget about… especially dealing with pets.  Bugs!  Not only are we talking about bugs, but we are talking about two very pesky bugs that can ruin your summer if you are bit or get an infestation.  The dreaded fleas and ticks…

How to avoid a flea and tick summer

This post does have affiliate links.  It’s not cost to you, but if you click and buy I may get a small percent.  Thanks for the support and happy reading.

Our first summer with Bolt – we had a mini infestation of fleas from where we got him.  Only a few fleas on him, but where there were a few there are always hundreds of eggs awaiting to hatch.  Yikes!  We didn’t want to deal with the mess of fleas so we did what any sensible owner would do.  Take him to the vet ASAP and got him on medication.  A two week pill that the poor guy had to ingest at 5 weeks old… then another two weeks later he had to take the other half.  My poor pup.

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But we didn’t leave it there – oh no… I’ve heard some horror stories about homes infested – like millions upon millions of fleas and I so didn’t want us to deal with that nightmare so we got a lot of precautions.


Tips for dealing with fleas

  • Vacuum everything
  • Wash all sheets or bed linen that the pet sleeps on
  • Apply a pet treatment to the animal directly – follow instructions carefully  (We’ve always used Revolution that was given to us straight from the vet.  It helps protect against fleas, ticks and worms.)
  • Spray the home with a treatment as well – We have tried Vets Best Natural Flea+tick home spray.  What I like best about this product is that it is both a natural and nonstaining formula as well as it’s chemical free.  Bonus for looking for the environment!
  • Trim and cut the backyard – expose the larvae to the hot sun
  • Grow some plants that help naturally get rid of fleas and other pests – lavender is a good one

5 annoying things my dog does

I love my dog – seriously – I think if anyone follows me on Snap Chat (shameless plug) knows how much I love my dog, Bolt.  I think it’s the eyes.  His eyes are bigger than most dogs – has the best features of a Pug and not the breathing issues.  But, his eyes always make him look somewhat sad and mopey… so you really can’t help but to fall in love with him.  But it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t do things that can annoy me from time to time.

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I love my dog, but here are 5 things that really annoy me about him. Click To Tweet
5 annoying things my dog does

5 annoying things my dog does


This dog doesn’t know any boundaries and will sit where ever and on whoever he wants to.  Usually it’s me whenever I lay down anywhere.  He comes along and plops himself right in my lap, shoulder, stomach, and sometimes the face.  Yep… that’s love.  Dog butt in the face.  Geez.


Toys everywhere

I spoil this dog so much and I know that I’m just feeding into his chronic toy habit.  I pick up a toy or two usually whenever I am out to the pet shop.  Toys I can stand – toys on the stairs is another matter.  There have been many a time I’ve almost fallen to my doom because of these blasted toys.


Under feet while sitting

This goes again with the first one – but I’ve found this to be less annoying.  He has to stay by either Travis or I and in doing so will always lay at our feet when either of us are on the computer.  He’ll sit there and chew on his bone.  Usually he’ll stick the bone under the wheel of the chair and let it hold it up for him so he can just chew it.  Lazy puppy.


Too much barking

Bolt is very verbal and will show it – in a high pitch bark.  Yikes!  He’s been getting better at this and rarely barks outside towards other dogs, but inside he’s yelps are so high and loud.  I’d share a video but I don’t want to hurt anyone’s ears.  Double Yikes!



I’ve never had a dog before, but man does this little fellow have some wicked farts.  Even my dear friend Alicia and her boyfriend Doug have mentioned how bad his farts are.  …Worse than their two big dogs… combined.


Overall – I do love Bolt.  I think that he is the perfect companion for my husband and me.  He has an awesome personality and I love how fast he is able to pick up new tricks.  He’s the one that will always take cuddles no matter what time of day.  He’s always up for a game of catch no matter how often you toss the ball downstairs in the basement – where he’s scared to go to.  He might seem like a hyperactive dog, but when we need him to he’s the perfect Netflix and chill dude that loves watching TV – just not the horses.  He hates horses.


Please excuse the lack of photos from Bolt.  I have my camera – yet not my charger.  I packed it somewhere and cannot find it.  Sigh.  Moving can stink!


What are some pet peeves from your pets? (Get it? Lol.)