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Favourite gifts I got for Christmas
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Favourite gifts I got from Christmas

Okay, so Christmas was a full month away – but it seems like I just can’t let go of this Christmas vibe.  I think this was the first year that I really attempted to make it as magical as it was when I was a child.  Even did a lot more decorating… (it’s all down now).

For real guys!  Last year it took me almost until April to get all my Christmas decorations down.  Seriously this is a major adulating win for me.

Where was I?

Oh right!

Travis’ brother (M) bought me –

A new book on my bookshelf as well as a super comfy (really warm and red) hat for my always cold head.  I’m very excited to be starting this book “John dies at the end,” and he even told me that there is a second book that he tried to get but it was sold out of the bookstore.

Favourite gifts I got for Christmas

I had requested that he get me one of his favourite books.  When I ask that of people I notice that I get books that I personally wouldn’t pick up myself.  I’m always an avid horror, sci-fi, or young adult reader.

It’s how I started a new series a few years back when my sister’s husband gave me “Dies the fire.”  I find it’s my own way to expand my collection of books and open up my mind more.  I really like attempting to figure out why a book means so much to the person.

Travis’ mom (J) bought me –

Favourite gifts I got for Christmas

A lovely set of brand new art supplies to paint and draw with.  This was something that was unexpected because I never mentioned once that I wanted to get back into art.  I just ended up unwrapping a lovely set of pencils, brushes, watercolours, and a painting pallet.  It was super cool.  I even have taken some time to doodle a little in it.

Travis bought me –

Favourite gifts I got for Christmas

A brand new graphing tablet to start my journey of creating art in the digital world.  I am amazed that he spent money on this – simply because we both agreed to a limit (which clearly neither of us followed).  He even went out and got the bigger graphic tablet so that I have more space to work with.  Currently, it is still in the original box simply because I don’t want to ruin it with dust.

I have, to be honest

I’m so thankful that I was spoiled by my family.  I know so many others who don’t have the luxury of getting nice or expensive items and I know that I will enjoy these for many years to come.

Favourite gifts I got for Christmas

What was your favourite gift from Christmas?  If you don’t have a favourite gift – what experience did you enjoy?

Finding the time for art
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Finding the time for art

Ever since I was young I labeled myself as an artist.  It was one of my favourite past times as a child and even into my teen years.  Shoot, my last year in high school consisted of mainly art classes and choir classes (but that was beside the point).  I was an artist.

When I was ready to move out of my home my stepmother, B, helped me find a building that catered to the artist.  It was beautiful – an old wagon factory that was turned into 100 apartment complexes and had amazing artist lofts and amenities.  They had their own darkroom, a kiln and potter’s wheel as well as gallery space.  It was perfect!  I was home as an artist.

There I worked with the artist group, even gained a few friends (though I was the youngest).  We put on shows and I even sold my first piece of art – to my Uncle.  I was officially an artist.

Late at night I would stay up with pastels or watercolours and create beautiful backgrounds, paint women or even sketch out celebrity portraits – even sold a few or commissioned a piece or two myself.  It was wonderful.  I was home.  I lived and breathed being an artist.

Finding the time for art

Until I wasn’t

Money became an issue.  Typical for a starving artist and I had to pick between eating or drawing – slowly I picked better choices.  The pastels were put down in favour of a better night’s rest to put food on the table.  The paper was left untouched each day or even moved from its once permanent place on the table.

Then it happened…  I met Travis.  I was happy and content and I moved to save money and then everything spiraled into bliss.  But, I wasn’t an artist anymore.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I’m thankful that I made those choices that I started to pick myself instead of an obsession.  If I didn’t, I don’t think that I would have been able to see Travis at all.  My mind would have been clouded by bitterness or depression.

Finding the time for art

But now

Now I miss my once passion in art.  Not the art of depression or the never ending sadness that came with it, but the joy of creating.  I miss the swirl of colours colliding together as they rinse from my hands and tumble down the drain.  How do I go about finding the time for art?

This Christmas I was blessed, not only be Travis – but by his family in more art supplies.  I beautiful Wacom graphic tablet, paper, colours and brushes – items that I had long since sold off in the States because I felt I didn’t need them anymore.

You see, they became a crutch for me in my youth.  Like a staple and a reminder of the wolf on my shoulder or the depression that I’ve talked about.  So I tossed them away in hopes to finding something else to soothe my broken heart.  Though, I found what I was looking for – I found that I’ve missed something else as well.

The depression comes and goes and I no longer feel the dragging chain around my neck.  I’ve learned to deal with it and move on in safe and helpful ways.  But, the feeling of loss still lingers and only just now have I figured out what it is that I’m missing.

I am missing being an artist again.

Finding the time for art

Finding the time for art

Now, in 2017 I feel that it is time to take up that mantle again.  I have the tools and feel its good time to start sketching once more.  With these tools, I will become an artist – reborn.

I plan on doing this little by little.  Taking time out of my busy day to do quick sketches of things I see around me.  I will pick up the camera more (now that I’ve found the battery) and not shy away from a photograph.  Past sketchbooks will be browsed and shown on various social media.  I will create because that is always what I’ve wanted to do.

I will become an artist.

Is there some form of art that you enjoyed as a child?  Or something that you want to try as an adult? How do you go about finding the time for art?

Experiencing autumn colours in Canada
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Experiencing autumn colours in Canada

I bet you couldn’t guess my favorite colour – ready?  Okay… go!  Guess it!

Need a hint? It’s not blue or yellow.

In fact, you might not guess it at all because I’ve never used it as part of my colour pallet for my blog.  Give up?

It’s red.  Red is my favourite colour.

With that being said, you could say that fall or autumn happen to be one of my favourite times of the year.  The changing of the colours in the leaves is simply breathtaking.  I cannot imagine being somewhere else now for this season.

Fall is coming to an end along with its vast colors and beautiful scenery. What are your favs for this season? Click To Tweet
Experiencing autumn colours in Canada


Experiencing Autumn colours in Canada

I’ve shared a similar experience last year in Collingwood area.  This year I got to explore more of the Collingwood area.  Some I’ve shared on my Snapchat (shameless plug) and Instagram feed.  I want to share with you a few of my favourites from those few days.  Now, these shots have only been taken with my LG G5 phone – not my Nikon, though I cannot wait to try out my camera again either this week or next.  (Finally found the battery.)


A photo posted by Chel (@ohchelblog) on

A photo posted by Chel (@ohchelblog) on

A photo posted by Chel (@ohchelblog) on

A photo posted by Chel (@ohchelblog) on

A photo posted by Chel (@ohchelblog) on

A photo posted by Chel (@ohchelblog) on

What are some of your favourite places to visit during the fall – or really any time of the year?

Share some of your favourite fall shots in the comments below.

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