April Intentions 2017
Monthly Goals
April Intentions 2017

Well – damn.  I guess that’s all I really can say when I haven’t really been blogging much the last two months.  (Sorry for the swearing.)  Okay, if I’m truthful I swear like a sailor, but I feel that sometimes if I go too much people won’t take me seriously.  Ah – what was I saying before my swearing tangent?

Ah yes.  Another month down the drain so to speak.  Goodbye March and hello to April.  April – and all the good things it brings with springtime.

April – the month of rain, mud, less snow (hopefully) and the intent to bring out the so-called date car (Travis’ Camaro).  Hope it’s a good month.

So, let’s get to it – shall we?

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March Intentions 2017

For the Blog:

  • Continue to research cameras start to save up for new body and lens – I did some research, but I failed to save up some money for a new body & lens
  • Work on growing Twitter following – Yeah, I took about 2 weeks off and stopped my Twitter growth for this month.
  • Build the light box – Nope, that didn’t happen either.
  • Devote one day to writing posts/ taking pictures/ updating social media – Or this too.

For Personal:

  • No pop at all this month – Sometimes I feel like this is a waste of time putting this. But one day I will stop drinking pop.
  • Slowly take me off of coffee – I’m hoping that this next month I can stop drinking coffee completely.
  • 4 dates with Travis & celebrate Travis birthdaySomething I did do!   It was small – only our good friends came over.
  • Meal plan/prep for two whole days – Whole lotta nope on this one.


Travis took some time off of work and was home for 2 weeks helping me with household work.  It was nice to have a bit a break from doing most of the work inside the house.  I’m so very thankful that he is able and willing to help out even though he already does so much.  With my anxiety and depression running wild again this month it was easy to help out when I can, but not overly stress out about housework not getting done.


My anxiety and depression came back like a wildfire.  I was going to take a week off, but then that turned into almost 2 ½ weeks from blogging.  There I spent my time practicing self-care and attempting to be social with friends.

I had another heartache right after St Patrick’s Day – when my Grandpa passed away suddenly.  It was hard to hear and even harder to deal with not being there for my father.  After losing his little brother just 5 months ago and now Grandpa … to be honest – I worried for him.  Though, with technology today I was able to be there for the key moments and even saw Grandpa be laid to rest.


To be honest – I really felt like not doing anything this month.  March break took a lot out of me and now I know that I struggle working more than my easy split shift.  I am very thankful that we can afford for me to only work 25 hours per week so the stress level isn’t too high.

With my time off I was able to reflect on what I’m doing and where I’m slowly starting to take my blog.  It’s fantastic news because sometimes I feel like I’m just bumbling around in the dark – in life as well as my blog.


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April Intentions 2017

April Intentions 2017

For the Blog:

  • Keeping up with filling Buffer every week. Respond and reply to more comments on Twitter as well as work on placing all my followers into specific lists.
  • Build that flipping light box. I have the tools and materials – I just haven’t set it up.
  • Organize the items I have for my photo shoots. Use the label maker that Travis got me (Ps. FIND THE LABEL MAKER.)
  • Devote 1 day to write/take pictures & update social networks


For Personal:

  • Continue with 4 dates with Travis – celebrate our 3rd year of marriage in a special way
  • Meal plan for 1 full day. Start collecting coupons.
  • Buy a slow cooker or borrow from Mother-In-Law
  • Go to the farmer’s market for fresh vegetables


Though sometimes I feel like 4 things can be overwhelming, I am trying to work through this.  I will work towards completing my intentions set out each month – and sometimes things won’t get done.  I have to learn that it’s okay and not to stress over it.

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What are you most excited for in April?


  • Alexandria Snider

    April 11, 2017

    Yeah, so far I’m pretty much failing at my goals for April, but it is what it is. In the past, I would have given up and just started over the next month, but I’m going to keep trucking along and see how things end up. Good luck on yours!

  • Christie Brown

    April 11, 2017

    You go, girl! Don’t worry, I’ve set myself a goal to meal prep about 1,000 times and I’ve failed every single time aha. One day! Good luck in accomplishing all you intend to this month. Congratulations on three years of marriage, too! 🙂

    Christie’s Take on Life. xx

  • Kara

    April 14, 2017

    You can do it girl! Change your mindset and it will all fall into place <3

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