About Me

About Oh Chel

Hello there! I’m Rachel or as I liked to be called, Chel. It’s very nice to meet you and welcome to my corner of the blogging sphere and internet. I wanted to first off take the time to thank you for not only stopping by, but for actually wanting to know more about me. So, thanks again.

Travis and ChelTravis and Chel

About me

I was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois and joked about the fact that I kept moving up. First it was the Northern suburbs, next the far north, then Wisconsin and then I kept joking around stating that my next move from Wisconsin was going to be Canada. Well, little did I know but some years later I met and married a darling Canadian and that joke became my reality…


Jump to the now – and I’ve been living in Canada for well over a year since my birthday in June 2014. Currently I am sorting out schooling and working hard on learning more about site design and coding as well as working with a before & after school programe teaching a mix range of children from kindergarten to even grade 6. (It’s a big age gap and hard work, but also very rewarding.)


Random facts about the blogger

  1. I love the smell of coffee even if I can’t have it anymore. :/
  2. I love to doodle – a lot.
  3. I showcase my dog, Bolt a lot. That dog is like my baby.
  4. I love all things zombies, and science and get my game on with various computer and board games.
  5. Wife of a Jack of all trades shift worker (Which isn’t as easy as one would think)
  6. Adores anything birds or more specifically – Owls
  7. I love taking pictures but incredibly camera shy.
  8. I enjoy all sorts of fandoms – currently loving Supernatural, My Little Ponies, the Walking Dead, the Black List, Orphan Black, Game of Thrones, and Sailor Moon
  9. I zone out in front of Netflix and watch far too many TV Series
  10. I sing sometimes on pitch and pretty good then there are other times when I just don’t care and belt out anything and everything.

About the blog

OhChel™ Blog is the creative brainchild of mine starting in October 2015 that I’m using to spark my growth in the arts as well as lessons that I had learned throughout my many a year in existence with a dash of wine and a bit of tom foolery.

It has morphed a lot from when I first came up with the idea to blog until now. I am fairly sure that it will change most likely once more before I find the right combinations.

Right now in this moment I am working on showcasing some of my more nerdy side, favorite or new books to read, photography and tips, pet woes and tips, as well as a few Pinterest fails.


The categories

The Hours – are a personal collection of my day to day life here in Canada.

Bolt – are just little rants and pictures of cute things my dog does.  I am currently working on a day in the life of my dog currently due out at the end of each month.

Geek – these are usually just little tidbits that I’ve enjoyed in my geek collection, so my monthly subscription boxes, games played, and really anything dealing with tech will be going in here.

Art – images and scans of my artwork which is sometimes digital and sometimes er… not. Coming Soon: Etsy Shop

Photography –all photos snapped by me and any helpful tutorials that I have found.