2015 monthly subscription boxes
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2015 Subscription Boxes

You’ve got it!  All that I’m talking about in this post are drum roll please…  subscription boxes.  You may ask, “What is a subscription box?” Well just you wait, if you haven’t looked at my previous post about the LootCrate Subscription then you might not know.  Subscription boxes are boxes that are sent to your house monthly and they have little testers or items for a particular theme for that month.  Now, there are a billion different subscription boxes that are out there and I’m only going to name a few.  You ready?  Here we go.

2015 monthly subscription boxes

2015 Subscription Boxes to have for the New Upcoming Year

Nerd Boxes

Loot Crate – November Theme: Combat! HIYA-robochop! – This is the only one that I’ve currently been getting.

Nerd Block – This one has a classic, arcade, sci-fi, horror, comic, boys jr, and girls jr box.  The Nerdist just came out with these and I really, really, really want to get one… or all.

Hero Crate – This one you can pick Heroes OR Villains!  Genius!  Though, I don’t know much about it they have a pretty cool Instagram account if you like to see pretty pictures. 😀

Tinker Crate – I think that Travis might really like this one since it’s both educational and fun.  Lol.


Book Boxes

Owl Crate – A different theme going along with one of my favorite passions… BOOKS!!  Check out their Instagram too to see previous boxes.  Ps.  November’s Theme is Myths and Legends

The Book Drop – Sending books straight to your door step!  Yes please!!


Beauty Boxes

Birch Box – I’ve seen a lot of people getting these boxes over the net and they love them!

Ipsy – Make up samples sent to your home

Glossy Box – This one is new, or something I haven’t heard of.  If you get this one please share.

Pet Boxes

Bark Box – I loved getting these for Bolt.  Every month was full of wonder and he enjoyed every single thing that was given.  They even have different sizes to match with the size of your dog.

Meow Box – Just right for your cat.  Again, I don’t know anyone who has gotten one so please share your stories below.


Art Boxes

Sketch Box – This one has been on my radar for some time now, and once I’m done with my Loot Crate I’m thinking I’m going to get this one.  They send out 5-6 art supplies for you to try out!  Eeeeee! That is my inner child jumping up and down here folks.

Pigment & Palette – Interesting, at my Google search this came up under subscription boxes.  It looks like they haven’t updated their site in a while, so I’d hold off on actually purchasing it just yet.  You want to make sure that they are still sending items out, right?

Photo Box – A box for photographers.  Cool!!


Food & Drink Boxes

Club W – Psst the W stands for Wine.  W-I-N-E YAY! You answer a few questions and then voilà! Wine magically appears on your doorstep.  Again the crowd goes wild!!!

Tea Sparrow – You like tea?  Have we got a box for you!

Taster’s Club – Have a person in your life that just looooo~oves their whiskey, then look no further than here.

Beer of the Month – No brainer.  😉

Graze – Has 4 – 8 selections for you and it’s healthy- Bonus!

Candy Box – Candies from US, Canada, UK, and Mexico all shipped to you! I might have to make sure that Travis skips this post.  Lol.

Nature Box – 100% natural and best of yet – they are full size treats.


Have I missed any?  What would you be looking forward to the most?



  • Kechi

    November 4, 2015

    Hello Chel!
    As always I enjoy reading your posts. Very refreshing and beautifully laid out. I did not know about all of the other subscription boxes except the beauty boxes… I guess I know now! I will definitely try the Art boxes because of my kids.
    Great info.
    Have a blessed day!

    • Chel

      November 5, 2015

      Thank you Kechi for the kind words. You know I adore your site too. Periscope!!! I’m so looking forward to getting the Sketch Box some day. Just keep in mind that they will only send 5-6 items so it might not be a complete set. <3 Cheers, luv.

  • sandie

    November 5, 2015

    Great idea for a post. I have subscribed to these kind of things, the favourite was a monthly box of curry spices that landed on our door step. My husband and son had a great time bonding and cooking curries together while I sat back and enjoyed the eating. Thanks for sharing.

    • Chel

      November 5, 2015

      Ooo! I haven’t heard of the curry spices… that would be fun indeed – if I could cook well. Lol.

  • Amanda

    November 6, 2015

    I love subscription boxes! I’ve never actually purchased one, but I plan to soon!

    Amanda | thedeerandthewolf.com

    • Chel

      November 6, 2015

      Me too! Hope this post was helpful.

  • Angela Tolsma

    January 26, 2016

    Oh gosh, I’ve heard of owl crate but not Book Drop. I did Ipsy for 9 months and got bored of all the crap they send. I wanted higher quality. I currently do UniversiTee Box and love it. Thanks for the Nerd section. I am definitely going to do my research and see what I can get him for his BDay.

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