My favourite Christmastime movies
My favourite Christmastime movies

I’m not really one that enjoys a lot of Christmas movies.  To be honest it’s been awhile since I’ve actually been in the holiday mood to do anything.  Perhaps that’s why I’m pushing myself to write for Blogmas.  I really want to get myself into the mood of Christmas this year, what with a new home and more space, I think I can stretch my arms and actually make it like my childhood.  Sorta.

What better way than to talk about the favourite Christmas movies I enjoy watching each year.

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My favourite Christmastime movies
  1. Scrooged – 1988 with Bill Murray (Who doesn’t love him.) This is a ‘modern day’ (not so modern now, eh?) take on Charles Dickens “A Christmas Carol” where Frank Cross a very successful TV executive’s ambition for fortune drives away the love of his life.  After he fires an employee on Christmas Eve he is visited by 3 ghosts in hopes to shape up his life.

    My favourite Christmastime movies
  2. Love, Actually – 2003 with a whole Star studded cast. (So not going to name them all.)  The dude from The Walking Dead is in this.    It’s a series of lives and how they all intertwine on the days leading up to Christmas.  It’s a really cute feel good movie.

    My favourite Christmastime movies
  3. Polar Express – 2004 based upon the book loads of Tom Hank characters in this movie. I loved this book as a child and I love this story even more.  It is about a boy who takes a train up to see the North Pole and Santa.  Magic and happiness all around.

    My favourite Christmastime movies
  4. Home Alone – 1990 with that one kid. (Macaulay Culkin)  I watched this movie so much when I was a kid and kinda hoped that my parents would leave me behind on a vacation.  (Never happened.  Huff.)

    My favourite Christmastime movies
  5. Prancer – 1989 (Dude I found out that Sam Elliot was in this movie! GET OUT!) Prancer the reindeer gets hurt and this little girl finds it.  With some magic in believing Prancer gets better and … well … I won’t spoil it for you.

  6. A Christmas Story – 1983 (Woah the year that I was born. I’ll save you the trouble peeps – I’m old.)  Who hasn’t seen this classic?  I mean the leg… the LEG!  Plus the chance that some kid named Ralphie may or may not shoot his eye out.  Side note:  When the kid shows out fudge I seriously couldn’t figure out why THAT was such a bad word.  Like, I said it all the time when I was a kid.

    My favourite Christmastime movies
  7. The Santa Clause – 1994 (Okay after writing all these dates down I’ve finally realized how old I am. Geez I should stop writing down dates.)  With Tim Allen – not to be confused with Tim Curry though that would be awesome too.  Tim’s character Scott accidently kills a dude in a Santa suit and magically gets taken to the North Pole.  Chaos ensues and a teaching moment for the ex-wife is learned.

    My favourite Christmastime movies
  8. A Charlie Brown Christmas – 1965 This classic is amazing and it never gets old ever. The music and the little kid dancing (which I act out all the time) are the best.  Linus’ speech is fantastic and that poor little tree that Charlie finds is so cute.

    My favourite Christmastime movies
  9. Jingle All the Way – 1996 Arnold Schwarzenegger plays a man trying to make it up to his family (mainly his son) with the hottest toy on the market. (Very materialistic, but it’s Arnold so it’s amusing.)  *Cue the Arnold cry.*

    My favourite Christmastime movies
  10. Die Hard – 1988 with Bruce Willis (one of my favs), okay, so there is little to do with Christmas in this story – but hey it’s a classic. You can’t mess with a classic.  Plus off it’s something nice that Travis can watch and enjoy.  Beat cop comes out to see estranged wife only to be locked in a building with terrorist.  Guns a blazing and bombs go flying – mother fu%^&#$.  (You know the saying.)

    My favourite Christmastime movies


What about you?  What are your favourite Christmastime movies?

2017 Monthly Subscription boxes you should get
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2017 subscription boxes you should get

Seriously, only one more month left in 2016 and I’m going to start it off with a repeat of one post that I made back in 2015.  My love for subscription boxes – for all those who don’t know what that is… it’s just a simple subscription for a product to come to your house every month or however often it is sent.

I wanted to share with you a few new ones that I have found out about and hope to try out sometime this coming year.  Most of these boxes will be talking about Canadian subscription services (I searched far for these) simply because there are a few that don’t cost an arm and a leg to get shipped up to Canada.  However, there will be some newer boxes that I’ve discovered that charge shipping to Canada.

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2017 Monthly Subscription boxes you should get


My Wine Canada – You can get 2 bottles shipped to you from various vineyards around Canada.  (Why pay that much when you can go to the LCBO? Simple: it means that you can try new wines from around the country without having to drive far.)  You can upgrade it and get 3 bottles if you want.  The bonus is shipping is free.

Barrel Box – Each month is themed so it should be interesting to see per month.  So far each box seems to have both a t-shirt or other cloth object and other merchandise.  No there isn’t any booze inside the box, but you can always get some at the local LCBO if you want.  (This really is a gift I’m considering buying for my brother in law.)

Canada Craft Club –It  comes with 2 large craft beers with one being a signature beer.

My Tea Box – Right now it comes at an extra 15% off. Sale ends soon.

Tea Sparrow – What I really like about them is that they have issued a return policy of 100%  once you get your first box – if you don’t like the tea.  They will refund you the money after you send it back and close your account.  I really like tea – don’t have a lot of it lately.  Should change that – hm.


Luxe Box – Free shipping Canada wide.  Awesome!  Though it is only sent out once every 3 months so that’s a bit of a downfall.

Top Box – Each box comes with 4-5 samples of beauty products in it.  Seriously this is the cheapest box I’ve seen so far for Canadians.

Games / Nerd / Book

Nerdy Book Worm Box – Omg. I’ve fallen in love with the packaging.  The aesthetics alone are beautiful.  I really, really, REALLY want this box (that or any book box to be honest) only thing with this box is that once they are gone – they are gone.  Only a select amount of boxes available and they are based out of the UK so it’s rather expensive.  Sigh.

Board Game Bento – This subscription sends a box with a few board games or card games in it.  Actually, I’m intrigued with this one.

Comic Bento – Just like the board game only for comic book lovers.   Awesome!

Marvel Collector Corps – A once every 2 months box set to a different theme in the Marvel universe.

My Geek Box – Oh my… this one is interesting.  Saw a YouTuber (forgot name – oop) opening up this box and it looked interesting.

Lifestyle or Food

Hello! Bliss Box – I’ve just come across this one and I really want to order some of these boxes for a few of my people back in the States.  They look so bright and cheery.

Loves it! – Lovely items from Newfoundland.  I’ve looked at these items and they look really cute.

Hello Fresh – It’s food sent to your house with cards on how to cook it!  Dude!  Totally don’t need to shop at the grocery store for this one.

Little Life Box – This one looks extra cute.  In this box, it comes with a mixture of lifestyle items as well as food.

Frock Box – Clothing.  Oooh la la.  Very nice clothing / jewelry picked out for the subscriber.  I’ve heard a lot of good things about this box.

Ellebox – Your period made easy.  They send out period products as well as you can get comfort items to help you with dealing with your period.  This looks really cute and something needed.


Do you have any subscription boxes?  If so what are your favourite?

December Intentions 2016
Monthly Goals
December Intentions 2016

It’s the last month of the year – my, my, my where has the time gone?  I have a lot that I wanted to get done this year and yet some things still are on the back burner.  We have one more month to finish up before another grand restart in 31 days.  Seems a bit foreboding and yet at the same time I find that this month is the most magical of the month.

December is when everyone is at the height of kindness.  Strangers are nicer – people glow with the upcoming holidays that they celebrate.   Even the snow seems to just fall at the right time.  Or, perhaps I’m just being a bit sentimental?  Who knows?

I am starting this month of intentions with the hopes that I can accomplish a lot.  This installment of the Monthly Intentions by Angela (Clutter box blog) and Jazmine (Fairy lights and dreams) feels a bit more magical.  You know what – let’s do this.  Check out my previous month’s intentions and see how I did.  Ready? Let’s go!

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December Intentions 2016

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Monthly Intentions

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For the Blog:

  • Continue to flush out more posts for November and into DecemberI got a few posts done for November – not as many as I wanted. December is looking all good though.
  • Complete 10 more images for rebranding – Er… about that.  Didn’t.    Nuh huh.
  • Comment on at least 5 posts per day throughout the week – A bit of a fail – I don’t know what I meant when I wrote this. 5 per day every day or per week? I dunno. Per week I did it. Per day I think I did 2-3 per day.

For Personal:

  • Set up 2 date nights with Travis this monthTotally made this happen.
  • Start a Christmas list and budget – and stick to itList has been started.  Budget is starting to get sorted out.
  • Take the camera out at least once this month – Fail!  Big time fail.  I used my phone as my camera.



Overall I’ve been feeling good as of late.  I’ve been trying to work a bit more on the blog and attempting to grow my blog’s traffic and what not.  I’m working on completing Blogmas this year.  For those who don’t know – Blogmas is when you post every day up until Christmas.  I don’t know yet if I’m going to post after it, but we shall see.  I’m finishing up all my images right now as we speak.  Thank goodness for scheduling things on WordPress.


I’ve been noticing a little bit more stress at work.  Changes in the room have caused more stress throughout.  I’m thankful that I have a great team to help us out, but since the stress has been happening my migraines have been flaring up again.  Boo.

December Intentions

For the blog:

  • Continue editing images to new brand
  • Flush out more posts for late December and into January
  • Comment on at least 5 blogs per week
  • Continue posting at least 2 images to Instagram
  • Finish 1st newsletter to be sent out on the first of January

For personal:

  • Completely finish spare bedroom
  • Put back together hall closet (workers tore it up getting to the attic)
  • 3 date nights with Travis
  • 2 nights / weekends out with friends

First time in a long time that I’m pushing myself on my blog.  With a few bad days, I think that I can handle it.  Especially since I’ve been working on blogging ahead at least by a week or two.  Now to continue working on my social media.


What are you most excited for this month? What are your plans or intentions?