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This is my city

52 week blog challenge

Week 32/31 – This is my city

Hello all again and welcome back to another installment of Sarah Emily’s 52 week blog challenge. I am sorry that I didn’t have a previous post up last Sunday, so I’m a week behind. Oops. Ah well – Perhaps it’s good because I still haven’t had time to find the battery charger for my camera.

I packed it away and packed it so well that I have NO CLUE where it is. Sigh.

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This is my city

This is my city

I live in a city further north than Toronto in Ontario, Canada. It’s not that far north, but it has some distance to it. I love living in cities – and this one is rather awesome. Just like a new city it did take me some time to figure out the quirks of it, but I think that I finally got them down. I love how easy it is to get to most points of the city by taking one straight road. Still will take about 30 to get from the north end to the south end (I know because I’ve tested it while running late to the movies).

One of my favourite places to hang out happens to be at the lake shore – where there are a few Pokestops along the way. Yep, I play Pokemon Go and I’m proud of it.

I enjoy going to the farmer’s market most Saturdays and love looking at all the fresh selections to buy – Travis and I are attempting to eat healthier now. (More so when we get into our new home.)

Mostly – I think that I enjoy my city mainly because it’s home for the two most important people in my life – Travis and my puppy, Bolt.

What are some of your favourite things to do in your city?

What to bring to the dog park
What to bring to the dog park

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If you’re like me – then pets happen to be super important in your life. For those that are just tuning in now – I was a major cat-person this is until I got my puppy, Bolt. He might be a terror sometimes, but I can’t live without him now.

One of the important things to do for your dog is to make sure that they get enough exercise – plus it’s a great way to get you out and moving as well. So – win / win?

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what to bring to the dog park

Getting exercise is key, but there are a few ways that you can do it for your pups. You could take a nice walk around the community, play catch in an open field, or what I will be talking about today you can take your pup to the dog park.

Keep in mind that pending on the size of your dog will determine what dog park to go to. If you have a small dog finding a park that is for small breeds only is best. Mixing large breeds with small can be hard – some large dogs just don’t like smaller dogs and we don’t want little Fido to get hurt.

Also it’s a good idea to make sure that you’re fairly near your dog at all times while at the dog park. Just because you’ve trained your pouch not to nip doesn’t mean that the next person has. As well as the dogs need to be up to date on all their shots and have a nice personality. You are socializing them – and no one likes a jerk… not even the four legged kind.

What to bring to the dog park

  • When we are all hot we need water to help cool us down. Make sure that you have room temperature water (in bottles or a glass jug) to help cool down Lassie.
  • Doggy bags. Always important to keep a whole slew of them just in case someone else may need one or if Fido has left a few presents – twice.
  • The correct leash or harness for your dog. Trav and I have looked forever trying to find a harness that won’t cause Bolt to pull or choke. He just didn’t seem to get the fact that once the leash stopped so should he. We’ve tried EVERYTHING and found that a simple collar and a retractable leash was the best fit for him. That way he can go off and explore when needed, but once he reached the end he stopped and came back (partly).
  • Depending on if it’s been rainy the day before and the land is still wet it might be a good idea to have an old blanket in the back of the car just in case Pooch gets messy.
  • Dog treats. After a long day at the park it’s nice to have a little reward waiting in the car – plus it’s an excellent incentive to get them to go back home.
  • Extra shoes and a change of clothes for you. Seriously – you never know what is going to happen at the dog park. You could trip and fall down into the lake for all we know. (I’ve done it.) So nothing is out of reach.
  • Dog collars and ID tags clear and presented at all times. You want nothing to happen to little fur baby, but just in case something does – like a loud noise spooks him and he goes running off… you want to be sure that EVERYONE who could find him knows his name and who to contact to get him back.
  • Balls or other toys. The whole point to get them to the dog park is to have them run around. What better way to do this than to bring a ball (or two) to the dog park.

I know it might seem a lot – but you want to take care of your pup and give them all the love and care that they deserve.   Good luck and have a wonderful time at the dog park. Be sure to send me some pictures of you and your pet enjoying life at your own dog park.


Have I missed any? What items do you like to bring to the dog park?

I’m 33 years old and I might not have kids 1
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I’m 33 years old and I might not have kids.

There comes a time in someone’s life where they are at an impasse of sorts.  We all have them for different reasons – to take the job, or not.  Marry or not.  Or for me – kids or not?

Now, in this day in age that’s not something that you find all the time, but it isn’t as uncommon as it would have been 50 years ago.  In this day in age people are getting together late – starting late – or just not starting their own family.  (Which is okay for anyone.  Taking the same typical path isn’t meant for everyone.)

But, now I face a bit of a challenge.  Do I venture into the no man’s land of starting a family or do I wait and see if it happens?  Planning for it or not?

I’m 33 years old and I want to do so much more than just sit down and pop out a baby.  However, I’m scared to go any higher in age because of what happened to my mother.  Choices… choices… choices.

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I’m 33 years old and I might not have kids 1

33 Years old and I might not have kids

I feel like Neo and wanting so much to go down that rabbit hole and seeing how far it goes or taking the other pill and just waking up to everything being a bad dream.

I’m 33 years old and I might not have kids.

Sorry – I got side tracked for a moment and once I talked about Neo I had to find the gif to go along with it.  Yep, it’s what I do.