Fears of being a landlord
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Fears of a landlord

If you have been reading – I have mentioned that I’m in the process of moving.  An update of sorts is that Travis and I got the home that we wanted.  We along with our awesome realtor were able to get through the bidding war. We also found ourselves the proud owners in the south end of our city.  I’m thankful that everything went well.  Currently, we are moving out of our first home this weekend and living with Trav’s mother for the whole month of August before we finally move into our 2nd home.

It is everything that we could possibly want in a home.  It met all of our requirements and then some!  There is so much space both inside the home as well as the back.  Though there isn’t much of a privacy fence there are a lot of trees and the neighbours seem very nice (bonus!).  The driveway and garage have enough space for all the cars (we have 3 to ourselves) as well as enough space for Matt – Travis’ brother.  Which brings be down to the topic of renting or perhaps the fears of a landlord…

Now, Travis and I are not new to renting.  In fact, most of the years that we were living in this home we had renters.  Sometimes we had two and other times we had just one.  We were however very naive to think that all renters would act the same.

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Fears of being a landlord

Fears of being a landlord

Travis and I are back to the idea of renting out the downstairs as an apartment in our new home.  Which brings me to being a bit fearful because the last two tenants weren’t exactly great.  Granted we could have done things a bit differently, had we known that they were rather shady people, to begin with.

Tenant number one – The unclean nightmare

When you are renting you are trusting that the person will on some level have the idea of what is clean and sanitary.  Well, obviously this wasn’t the case.  She moved in and I already was on edge for some reason.  It just didn’t sit right with me, but I thought it was just me so I told Travis that we need to give her a chance.  That didn’t last long because she kept neglecting the rules.  Plus I think she stole food, supplies, and money from us.  (Honestly I could write up a whole post on her if I wanted to, but for now, I’ll focus on what got her kicked out.)  Causing her to get kicked out after about 3 whole weeks… but when we got to her room it was a nightmare.

Kitchen wares were left in her room with food still caked on.  Pet feces left all over since she never cleaned up after her rabbit.  The smell of pot was so strong coming from all the cloth in the room.  Everything reeked and needed to be thrown out.  (Including a bed that we gave her to sleep on.)

Countless bags of trashed emptied, vacuumed, walls painted, and the carpet steam cleaned-  two whole weeks of work to clean the filth that was left behind.  We closed up all the vents to that room and just let it air itself out in hopes that we could save it.  Two more weeks of ventilating it and we were back to having a working room again.


Tenant number two – The neglectful pet owner

We had this tenant while dealing with and kicking out the first one stated above.  She was okay – up to a certain point.  A loner type – stuck to herself for much of the time and paid rent on time.  Had a job (for most of her time with us) or always had work to pay us rent.  Even had a cat that got along with Bolt.  But, the only thing wrong was near the end of her stay she started to neglect her cat.  Jobs would take her further and further away from the home and once back would only feed her.  Litter boxes were unkept and the cat started to pee in our laundry.

Two weeks of noticing that her cat was peeing on all of our rugs and mats downstairs and noticing that she wasn’t cleaning nor taking the cat to the vet.  I finally had to say something and stated that the cat is restricted to the basement until she gets her checked out at the vet.  (Which might I add is no way to treat a cat, but I had no choice and I doubt that the tenant would pay for a $600 couch for us if the cat ruined it.)  She finally got the cat the medical attention that it needed.  However, there would be days where she wouldn’t come home to give the medicine.

Light at the end of a tunnel

I will admit that Travis and I worked on using the trust system – to our naive parts we were fooled into believing that all people would act the same.  We were wrong, very wrong at the end of our renting… but that didn’t mean that we didn’t learn from our mistakes.  Renting can be both beneficial to both parties if you know how to do it right.

6 tips to renting the right way

  1. Trust your instincts if you don’t feel right about the tenant do not sign with them
  2. Background checks are a must – or hire a company to find the tenant for you
  3. Deposits are also key for those just in case moments
  4. Make sure all pets are up to date on their shots if you are going to let pets in
  5. Make sure all rules are laid and written down so that both parties understand what is expected
  6. Keep up to date with the laws of renting in your area


Have you ever had a tenant?  If so what was one nightmare that you remember?

How to avoid a flea and tick summer
How to avoid a flea and tick summer

It’s the perfect weather.  The sun is not too hot nor is the wind blowing too harsh.  A cold drink in one hand, and a book in the other while you curl up in your favourite spot on the porch.  The dog is enjoying their time outside while you just relax and take up space for a while.  There is nothing quite like taking a little me time in the hot days of summer, but there is one thing that we always forget about… especially dealing with pets.  Bugs!  Not only are we talking about bugs, but we are talking about two very pesky bugs that can ruin your summer if you are bit or get an infestation.  The dreaded fleas and ticks…

How to avoid a flea and tick summer

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Our first summer with Bolt – we had a mini infestation of fleas from where we got him.  Only a few fleas on him, but where there were a few there are always hundreds of eggs awaiting to hatch.  Yikes!  We didn’t want to deal with the mess of fleas so we did what any sensible owner would do.  Take him to the vet ASAP and got him on medication.  A two week pill that the poor guy had to ingest at 5 weeks old… then another two weeks later he had to take the other half.  My poor pup.

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But we didn’t leave it there – oh no… I’ve heard some horror stories about homes infested – like millions upon millions of fleas and I so didn’t want us to deal with that nightmare so we got a lot of precautions.


Tips for dealing with fleas

  • Vacuum everything
  • Wash all sheets or bed linen that the pet sleeps on
  • Apply a pet treatment to the animal directly – follow instructions carefully  (We’ve always used Revolution that was given to us straight from the vet.  It helps protect against fleas, ticks and worms.)
  • Spray the home with a treatment as well – We have tried Vets Best Natural Flea+tick home spray.  What I like best about this product is that it is both a natural and nonstaining formula as well as it’s chemical free.  Bonus for looking for the environment!
  • Trim and cut the backyard – expose the larvae to the hot sun
  • Grow some plants that help naturally get rid of fleas and other pests – lavender is a good one

Bullet journal inspirations
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Bullet journal inspirations

52 week blog challenge

Week 30/29 – Planner showcase Bullet journal inspirations

July 24th 2016

Hello and welcome again to another installment of Sarah Emily’s 52 week blogging challenge.  This week (week 29) I am talking about planner showcase.  Though, I will be honest – I have failed at creating and maintaining a planner for this week.  It’s actually one of my goals for the month of July.

What I actually will be showcasing is a few inspirations of bullet journals.  I’ve been reading up on how to create my own bullet journal and have noticed that you can be using them just like a planner as well where you map out your whole month and go from there.

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Bullet journal inspirations

This post does have affiliate links.  It’s not cost to you, but if you click and buy I may get a small percent.  Thanks for the support and happy reading.

Inspirations for Bullet Journals

Hannah from HannahEmilyLane.com did a brilliant bullet journal layout.  I really loved the time tracker in her fifth layout version.

Christina from Christina77star.co.uk did a weekly spread ideas for a bullet journal.  I can’t pick which ones I love more.

This tumblr account has some fantastic inspirations for bullet journals.  I’m going to be spending a lot of time checking out some of these ideas.

Bernadette from shesbernadette.net wrote 35 things to track in your bullet journal.  Totally worth a peek to see if there is any more inspiration there.

Even Buzzfeed did their own genius ways to customize your bullet journal.  I love all of them and want to implement a few into my own journal once I get it.

On a personal note

I’ve been looking at getting a bullet journal – I’ve been researching which notebook would be the best for me and I’ve come down to one of four choices.  I have them listed below if you would like to see which I pick.  Right now I’m leaning towards the Moleskine Classic Notebook, large dotted.  I really like the dots and have so many different ideas that I want to implement once I actually purchase said journal.

I’ve also compiled a few items that you might want to get along with your notebook.


Which ones are your favourites?


Bullet journal must haves