Why did I start blogging?
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Why did I start blogging?

A year and change ago I had an idea – I was going to create a blog.  Genius! I know.  Well, I was in an emotional state – in dire need of money and I’ve been watching various other blogs “make it big with money” so I thought … why not me?

A year and some change ago I decided to create a blog.  It was the best and sometimes the worst decision so far.  Now, don’t get me wrong – I love blogging.  But I feel like I have a lot of love/hate relationships with it.

I was naive to think that I could 1. Make any kind of money right off the back as well as 2. Find people who would simply enjoy my day to day rambles.

Plus off the fact was that I really had no focus nor niche as one would say.  I had an idea and I took that idea and ran towards the hills with it.

Why did I start blogging?
I’ve asked myself this question a lot.

I stumbled a lot

Originally I was going to produce a lot of Pinterest fails in cooking, DIY, and other things… but yeah that never happened.  I couldn’t find my camera as well as I didn’t have any extra money to spend on the startup costs.

Which, was okay because it gave me time to get my shit (so to speak – sorry for the language) and figure out just what I was going to be doing.

I’m not that funny (well besides my own mind) and I stink as a storyteller.  Plus off – I couldn’t find the battery for my camera.  So that option was out.

It just changed one day

Then out of the blue, there was a fluid like change.  It was gently turning the writing and giving it a focal point.  Started to write about my day to day experiences dealing with my own mental health.

I talked about going through anxiety – dealing with it as well as when I’ve had some bad days I’ve talked about those too.  I know I haven’t written much about my depression.  That’s a lone wolf that sometimes I’m too scared to poke at.

You see – depression (for me) has always just been there.  Just seeping under the surface of things and showing its ugly head when I’m already anxious.

Not many people talk about mental health

It still feels very much like a stigma at times.  We don’t talk about it – or show that we deal with it.  We all get anxious at times or feel sad.  But, there are those that constantly deal with those challenges and still rise above it.

I’m still scared to talk about some of my darkest days – the times that I was put in the hospital for self-injury or when I took too many pills with a whole bottle of vodka.  (I still to this day can’t handle vodka that well – too many bad memories.)

Why did I start blogging?
What could I do for others?

So, why did I start blogging?

In the end of it all, I wanted to find a voice.  I constantly deal with social anxiety – or general anxiety and because of that, I end up living a lot of my life in my head.  Blogging in a way was being used to find people who went through and are going through what I went through.

I think the most particular point is that I want to not be scared anymore – I want to share with you all my side.  I want someone to not look at me with pity because I still have the scars today.

No, I want my story to show and for people to be aware so that perhaps one day – they could save another who is going through what I went through.

I started blogging

To share with the world that mental health is important.  You shouldn’t look at someone who deals with Bi-polar, depression, anxiety, eating disorders or any other disorder out there like they are broken.

I’m not broken.  I never was – I just function on a different level than most people do.

It took me a while, but I think I’ve found my own way.  I’m happy and the depression only hits a quarter of as strong as it used to.

I’m not broken.  I deal with severe anxiety and depression, but that is not what makes me – me.

Why have you started blogging? Or if you don’t – why would you start?

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My 3 Pet Peeves
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My 3 pet peeves

I think I wanted to share with you guys as you will a post about venting.  I’m a firm believer that whatever you give to the world you get back.  Just, not when it comes to certain things in life – say like dealing with actual human beings.  See, hence the venting part.  So just sit back – pull up a chair along with a cup of coffee, tea – or something much, much stronger (*cough*wine*cough*) and read while I vent along.


  1. Dogs and their little noses constantly searching and EATING EVERYTHING that they can find. I love my dog.  I have post after post about how much I love my dog.  He’s my baby – my furry baby but still doesn’t take away from the point that he constantly is eating things that he shouldn’t be eating.  Tonight I had to take away 2 small pieces of paper, a ball of my hair (ugh) and even had to get him to move away from a rolling ball of an avocado half that I dropped while I wounded my hand.    I love him, but I don’t think that he’ll stop this anytime soon.
  2. People who can’t merge correctly. Travis KNOWS that I hate this with a bloody passion.  When I get on the highway there are always one, two or a billion cars that are riding the slow lane (the right side) and I can’t merge in as fluidly as I would like.  I either have to put the car in sports mode and gun it – hoping for the best, or let off the gas and squeeze myself behind those idiots.  Seriously, I get it that people want to go slower, but move over and let the people coming into traffic a chance to get one safely.
  3. People who cannot go the right speed on the highway. Okay, so since I’ve switched jobs I am closer than anyone I’ve known.  No joke – I can walk and get there in 15 minutes, maybe even 7 if I ran… but I don’t see myself running anytime soon.  I don’t have to go on the highway, but I do go on it when I’m with Travis.  It so irks me when people are constantly going 10+ UNDER the speed limit.  Geez, the minimum is set for a reason.  You – slowpoke are a danger to society.

My 3 Pet Peeves

I guess I could write more – or just sum 2 & 3 up into driving.  I’ve noticed that I’m more annoyed when other people are driving.  Good thing that I don’t need to do it as often or as long as my poor husband.

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What are your pet peeves?

Write them out in the comments below. Let’s work together to calm ourselves down and get over them faster.

My 3 Pet Peeves
I love my pup – just don’t like that he eats everything he finds. I don’t want him sick.
20 of my favourite posts of 2016
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20 of my favourite posts of 2016

2016 has been an okay year for me.  Sure, I’ve had some up and downs (but who doesn’t) throughout the year.  Today – I wanted to recap some of my favourite posts that I wrote this year.  I’ve had a lot of changes in the blog this past year.  I’ve redesigned my brand, switched focus on different topics as well as gone through a few different themes.  2017 will be a year full of more changes (I’m still trying to find my way on my little corner of net).

20 of My Favourite Posts of 2016

20 of my favourite posts of 2016
These flowers were wilting – just add water and they perked up (Photo not related, but pretty none the less.)

1.     Giving Gratitude

This post was very personal to me for many reasons.  I opened up myself and shared some things that I was lacking in my relationship with Travis, and yet with all that he still found the time to cheer me up.  He has been my rock throughout a lot of my anxiety and depression.  And to just have him simple being there at my worse is amazing to me.

2.     Strength and Weakness

I really enjoyed participating in Sarah Emily’s 52 week blogging challenge, even if I didn’t actually finish it.  Oops?  This one really made me think about it and what I have worked on in my life as well as what I can continue to work on.

3.     13 Things that a dog person understands

This post was the most shared and viewed on my blog to date.  It was a cute post that I created because I wanted to share the love that I have for my dog, Bolt.  It has been shared 3.5k times between Pinterest and StumbleUpon and I’m very thankful that I created it.

4.     What Anxiety Feels Like To Me

There are a few posts that I’m proud of that talk about mental health issues.  This one is rather personal due to the fact that I just started to talk more about my own anxiety and the hardships that I go through simply “dealing” with it.

5.     Celebrating “Beerster” Instead of Easter

This was a cute idea that my friend, Alicia had.  She took the time to find new craft beer and hid it around her house for her boyfriend.  I really enjoyed reading about her boyfriend finding all the beer instead of Easter eggs.  It was cute because all my other friends and family were talking about their children – and since I don’t have any it was amusing.  Totally need to do this for Travis this year.

6.     Celebrating Our Second Anniversary

Travis has been the best and I cannot imagine anyone else to sharing our lives with.  Like with any marriage it takes work and this past year has been fantastic.   We’ve had some hardships, but every day I am just amazed that I have this wonderful man in my life.  He has completed me like no one else has before.  Sometimes, I feel like he really was put on this Earth just for me.

7.     Reflections of a Mom

My sister took control of my blog ever Sunday in May for Mother’s day.  It was a beautiful break for me, but a way to pay tribute to those mom’s out there.

8.     Living a Life without a Mother

This was another personal post about growing up without having a real mother figure constant in my life.  It was a major reason why I talked a lot about mothers in the month of May.  I did shed a few tears while writing it, but it was raw and true.

9.     How to Love Someone with Anxiety

Travis was asked a few questions and though it was hard listening to his answers it was very revealing.  I talk a lot about my challenges with anxiety, but I never once really thought about what it was like to love someone who struggles with this – or with any other mental health.  It was an awakening moment for me to see him share something that is rather hard subject.  (I’m sensitive about this subject.)

10.Anxiety Breaking Point

This was another personal post about struggling to keep in control of my anxiety.  Sometimes no matter what you do – sometimes you just need some extra help.  My anxiety reached a new high this year during our big move (not one move, but twice within two months) and it affected me big time.  It was to the point that even Travis didn’t know what to do.  So I talked to the doctor and found a program (and some medication) to help level myself out.

20 of my favourite posts of 2016

11.Renovations and the Art of Waiting

Speaking of moving – I even wrote a post about the updates on the home.  As of right now there are still minor fixes that we need to do, but nothing as drastic as what we needed once we first moved in.  It was something that was really eye opening.  I learned a lot about renovations as well as working together with Travis on what our expectations are.

12.10 Quick Tips to Survive a Horror Movie

I really enjoyed creating this post.  I found it amusing to see what I would do if I was found in a horror movie.  Some of these I really wish that the people would actually do in the movies – would be rather cool to see the people actually fighting back at the start instead of near the end.

13.Celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving 2016

This post meant a lot to be me because of the fact that Travis surprised me by bringing one of my family members down to see me.  It was a short visit, but because of renovations in our new home we didn’t get a chance to go to the States this past year.  So, when I saw one of my family members coming off the plane it was amazing to see.

14.10 Ways to Cheer Up After a Bad Day

I’ve loved creating this post only because I really need to put reminders out there for me.  This past year I’ve found what I would like to be talking more about – thus the reason I’ve been talking more about mental health.

15.Experiencing Colours in Canada

In the fall I just loved going out and taking pictures of anything and everything.  I’ve found a lot of beautiful places and explored a lot both further north as well as small spots near home.  Check out all the colours I’ve seen.

16.10 Things I Wish I Did Before My Move

Moving is a pain in the butt – but moving twice within 2 months of each other was way worse.  I wish that I had remembered these 10 things while I was moving.

17.January Goals 2017

I wrote this one to help me keep track of what I want to accomplish this new year.  I’ve split it up into what I want to accomplish for the month of January as well as what I would like to achieve for the full year.

18.Dealing with Christmas Anxiety

All this past year I’ve been battling my anxiety and usually Christmas is when it flares up a lot.  I thought that this would be the perfect way to help others out who might be dealing with the same thing that I struggle with.

19.Holiday Remembering at Christmastime

This post was rather dear to me, because in October I lost someone special to me.  During Christmastime I started remembering the past loved ones and why this holiday meant to me.

20.Celebrating Christmas Traditions

I loved this post because Travis and I are currently working out what kind of traditions we want to celebrate as a new little family.  We picked a few little ideas and worked on celebrating Christmas with them.


These were my 20 favourite posts from 2016.  Did you have any favourite posts from my blog?

Write in the comments below which ones you enjoyed this past year.